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T.G.I. Friday's Restaurants
T.G.I. Friday's Restaurants Ahi Tuna Sliders (Mini Burgers)

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I love this place and 100% kid approved too!!!


 TGI Fridays has to be my favorite sit-down family restaurant. This is a treat for my daughter. I love there food and they even have a weight conscious menu. My daughter loves the kid's meals. Her favorite has to be the macaroni and cheese with mandarin oranges with the blueberry slushie. I have a thing for the combo dinners. I love the Jack Daniels grill. My favorite is the Jack Daniels chicken and shrimp. I also have a thing for appetizer menu. My favorite of these has to be Tostado Nachos. But beware that this more then enough for one person. I highly recommend this restaurant. It is my favorite place to go.

Linton, ND


Fried green beans w/ Ranch Delicious..everything else.. ehhh


I ordered the fried green beans with ranch dressing on the side.  I was very surprised at how delicious they tasted fried.  I'm not much of a fan of fried foods period, but these were excellent.  One must first like Tuna to even want to order this Ahi Tuna Slider.  It's an allegedly healthier choice to choose fish over red meat, but with what all is in the ocean, rivers, and lakes now.  No one is sure what is in any product unless they have a farm and raise the product themselves.  I know I will not order it again.  I still loved those fried green beans tho.

New Albany, IN


T.G.I. Friday's Restaurants Ahi Tuna Sliders (Mini Burgers)

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