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Food Lion
Food Lion Snow Crab Legs

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Love the Food Lion snow crab legs - especially on sale.


It had been years since I'd cooked crab legs, because it's hard to have a crab leg meal with little kids. But, my boys are on up bigger now, so I got some crab legs a while back. Whew. My teenage boys can put a hurting on some crab legs now. They absolutely went wild for crab legs. Snow crab legs are expensive. If you've checked prices, you'll know what I mean. So, I really apprecate that Food Lion has them on sale pretty often - half price or sometimes "two for one" bags. The snow crab legs were on sale this week, so I had to get a bag. And, then I fired up the grill. Crab legs are kind of big and messy, and grilling them works best around here. As a plus, they're really easy to gril - very quick - just a few minutes per side. Plus, they get a faint smoky taste which balances nice with the sweet taste of the crab meat. One note I would make on griling crab legs is that they get the grill marks on them, and that gets on your hands. So, crab legs are rather messy to eat to start with and then even more messy when grilled over charcoal. In comparison to other crab legs, Food Lion snow crab legs are very good in terms of quality and size. They are frozen, of course, because this is not snow crab country in the piedmont of North Carolina. But, very few people would be able to tell the difference between fresh and frozen.

southern, NC


Food Lion Snow Crab Legs

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