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Blu-Ray Player
Sylvania - Blu-Ray Player

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okay blu ray player...


This Sylvania blu ray player is pretty much average i would say.  I was a gift to me from my mother in law.  This was the first blu ray player i have used and i was really excited about the fact that we could finally rent the cool blu ray movies now.  When we first used it it was so slow we thought something was wrong with it so we took it back to the store she purchased it at.  Blockbuster assured us that most blu ray players that are on the marked currently are very slow because since they are farely new not all of the bugs have been worked out of it yet.  The Displays are pretty cool and it looks very sleek.  Also it does its basic job to play blu rays.  So overall it is worth the money i guess.  Just do not think you are getting sony quality with this one.  Hopefully Sylvania will make there blu ray players faster over the next few years.  I would really like to see that since we as americans do not like to wait for stuff. ;) 

Reno, NV


This Sylvania Blu Ray player is very easy to use.


Blu-Ray was pretty new when I bought this.  This model does not connect to the internet which actually helps you if you don't use bd live.  I've never had a disc that didn't play and I've never had to do a software upgrade.  Ideal for anybody just looking to view a movie in HD.

Hackettstown, NJ


Sylvania - Blu-Ray Player

3.5 2