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Blu-Ray Player
LG - Blu-Ray Player

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Reliable Little Blu Ray Player


LG is a great company to own products by in general because even after something is not under warranty anymore, their customer service representatives will still talk to you, and help you troubleshoot your product. Performance Not too long ago, my BD 550 started to eject Blu Rays and certain DVDs. After calling LG, and downloading firmware and still having the problem, someone suggested I get a cleaning disc specifically for blu ray players. It fixed the problem. So this Blu Ray player performs as expected. Playback Quality MY TV is an older one, that doesn't have full 1080 hd, but does go up to 720. While I can not really discern much of a difference, there is a marked difference between something played in the BD550 and the regular DVD player. The colors are a bit richer. Sound Quality No problems here. Durability I have had my player now for over three years and it's still working like a charm. Again, I had a recent problem with it ejecting discs, but cleaning the lenses with an approved lens cleaning product fixed this. Ease of Use It was easy to hook up and understand. The menus were also very easy to navigate and understand.

Jay, OK


Good Blu-Ray Player


We decided to finally join the world of blu-ray players and ordered this LG-BD550 Blu-Ray player to go with our new flat screen tv.   We don't have a lot of blu-ray movies yet, but have watched a few and I haven't seen a huge difference between blu-ray movies and just regular dvd's.  I have felt like the upconverting feature has helped our regular dvd's look better on our high definition Television.  But I really can't tell a very big difference with the blu-ray that is supposed to be so amazing.  It's been a good dvd player and everything has worked well, I'm just not wowed like I expected to be.  I like that it remembers where you were on each dvd, even when you've removed the dvd since playing it. The player is easy to use and has a good user-friendly remote.  We have had lots of family movie nights and enjoyed our blu-ray player.  Overall a good purchase and we'd recommend it as a blu-ray player.

South Jordan, UT


Good Blu-Ray Player for the price


I got this Blu-Ray player free with my purchase of an LG LCD TV.  I would not have purchased this player or any blu-ray player at the time because I wasn't looking to get one yet.  But since it was free with the TV it was a great deal.  It's a really good player.  It plays movies fine, can pause and turn off the unit and it will resume where it was stopped.  It has a network port in the back to connect to a home network.  I wish it was wireless so I didn't have to run a network cable to the player.  But blu-ray players with wireless capability are more expensive and I didn't want to pay for that anyways.  When connected to the internet it is capable of streaming Netflix movies, YouTube videos, vudu videos, view pictures from Picassa, check the weather using AccuWeather and listen to music through Pandora.  It has a USB port in front that can be used to view pictures and listen to music.  It does not, however, play movies as stated on Amazon's website.  I've gotten a similar model and gave it to  my sister as a gift.

San Jose, CA


LG BD550 Blu-Ray Player Very Nice


This Blu-Ray Player gets the job done. The interface is great! Unlike other player, this player makes very little noise and loads quickly. The Net apps work better than expected and the Netflix is especially easy to navigate. The setup was easy to my HDTV with an HDMI cable, that was not included. I recommend buying at least a 6 foot HDMI cable. The internet Apps are accessed by hooking up a ethernet cable to the Blu-Ray player. The Blu-Ray palyer is not wireless. Fortunately, I have my N router right behind my TV and was easily able to connect an ethernet cable. Like most Blu-Ray players, this player is NOT Region free. Make sure you upgrade the firmware that is updateed on a regular basis, that help fix reported problems. The LG BD550 is a bargain for the price and I am very happy with my purchase.

Ridgewood, NY


My first bluray player.


I am very glad that the cost of bluray players have decreased in the past few years. After seeing an after Thanksgiving ad indicating that this model player would be on sale, I jumped at purchasing one. I was looking to purchase a portable dvd player at the time, and saw that the cost of this bluray player was the same as a portable dvd player. Once I received this bluray player, I viewed my favorite movie, Ice Age, and was amazed at the quality of the picture and the execution of the bluray player!!! This was advertised as having wireless, but in order to connect and update the dvd player, it has to be connected with an ethernet cable to a modem. This is no problem for me, but I di get a message from the player whenever I play bluray discs to update the software, but there are no messages with regular dvds. I also love the fact that I am able to connect a usb flash drive or external hard drive and play my movies that I downloaded from the internet through the player. I was able to use a movie downloading software on my computer, save the movies on my usb flash drive, and then plug it into the bluray player and view the movie without any issues. The only problem that you mau encounter is the types of movies that you are able to view. wmv, or movies saved using the windows media player, may not play.

Albany, GA


"Blu-Ray is better!"


I had put off getting a Blu-ray player in hopes of getting a HDTV first, but after seeing the LG BD550 on sale, decided to get the LG. Excellent choice. Outstanding picture even on ordinary TV. Well worth the money! Also, with the Pandora, and other programs, and excellent product. Loads quickly and easy to install and program. Will definitely purchase other LG products including HDTV!

Baltimore, MD


Just didn't last


I was looking for a decent Blu-Ray player that didn't cost a lot of money and settled on the LG BD550 player.  Overall this machine does have most everything though it does not have wireless built in, nor does it have 3d support. It does allow you to get Netflix, Pandora, YouTube, and Picasso streamed directly from the internet with a wired connection.  You can also get an optional wireless adapter to connect without running cables to it.  The picture that comes from this unit is absolutely stunning and crystal clear.  When watching a Blu-Ray movie you get the entire experience from the amazing picture to the even more amazing 7.1 surround sound.  Planes flying overhead in the movie sound like they have cruised past just over your head. The only thing on this model that is making me give it lower stars is that the unit has not held up well - lasting only until the warranty expired and then it stopped working.  You would think that something made by LG would hold up longer.

The Colony, TX


LG Blu-Ray PLayer is cool.


I received the LG Blu-Ray Player BD550 for my birthday.  I was very excited, because I had started buying a year ago my daughters Disney movies as Blu-Ray and DVD copies.  I thought eventually we would get one and I was just getting prepared.  We have watched a couple of Blu-Ray and I have to say it is so clear.  The colors are definately brighter along with the clearer images.  I also like that that Blu-Rays do not scratch like a DVD which is our main problem in our house.  I like that the LG Blu-Ray Player can connect to Netflix, You Tube and all sorts of other internets sites.  The main problem is that you have to connect the blu-ray player by ethernet cord.  I wished it connected to the internet wirelessly.  We are having to move our internet connection, so we can take advantage of the feature of watching Netflix.  Also, it is very easy operate and works great for the price.  I love it.

Milwaukee, WI


LG - Blu-Ray Player

4.1 8