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Swanstone QULS-3322 Granite Sink

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Would buy it over and over and over again.


We replaced our old cast iron sink with this beautiful, beautiful sink. It is tough as nails, won't scratch, stain or chip, This is by far the best purchase we have made for our kitchen. I would recommend it to anyone. We chose the black Swanstone sink just as Cat did. The lower divider is fabulous for large pans and refrigerator drawers when they need cleaned, Everything fits and with room to spare. We love it. Thanks Swanstone Well, here we are a little over 1 year later and this sink is absolutely the best investment we have made. It still looks brand new and there is not a scratch on it. We love it!

Lambertville, MI


One of the best Granite sink that I can afford!


I just got my kitchen renovated. I put in tiles back splash, granite counter and contemporary faucet. The most attractive kitchen appliance is my granite sink. I did a lot of research before I purchased this. It can tolerate high heat, sharp knives dropped. And it is deep. The separator is the coolest thing. I can put pots and pans with long handles in and I can also finally wash my stove racks in my sink. The look is so contemporary and it totally fits my kitchen style. You will not be disappointed with this sink. They have the best price compare to all the other big brand. I have this sink for almost 3 years. So far I don't even have a scratch on it because it is so durable. I use it everyday and I enjoy washing my dishes in the sink!

Frisco, TX


A wonderful choice to reduce family conflicts!


I chose the sink in the black "Nero" color both because I just like the color and because I am so tired of choosing between the roles of nag...."you've left food in the sink, dear" or household drudge who is always cleaning up after others have left the sink dirty.  You can't see anything in this sink!  It always looks clean, cleans with a simple wipe of a sponge, won't chip, stain, etc.  I can't speak to staining on lighter colors, but I've recommended Nero to everyone who will listed.  I've had this sink for almost three years now as part of a major kitchen bump out and I still love it.

Ann Arbor, MI


Swanstone QULS-3322 Granite Sink

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