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Suddenlink Cable

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Worst company ever!!


We have been Suddenlink customers for over 15 years through almost daily outages until they raised our bill over $70 without warning. We then cancelled our service and were charged for two more months even though the service was off. We knew nothing about the charges until we were contacted by the collection agency. I would never recommend Suddenlink to anyone for any form of service.


Iowa Park,Tx


I love this cable, company


I had always had satelite but when it would snow or rain the service cut out. Plus i had to get internet from another company. When i decided to try cable i was skeptical but Suddenlink proved me wrong. No matter the weather it doesnt go out. I can get my house phone, tv and wifi on one bill!! Been a loyal customer for 5 years and i do not seenme changing anytime soon. I would like to pay less though.


Caldwell, West Virginia


Awful ! they see you on Netflix and ramp down so no other de


Awful ! they see you on Netflix and ramp down so no other devices, even on unlimited accounts.


Greenville NC

Terrible but only service in my area


Prices are high, just for internet its 100 dollars, I have dish with 2 receivers that have dvr and 200 plus Chanel's and pay around 100 dollars


Fort mohave, az


Suddenlink tv and internet


I have cable and internet. The prices have increased several times within last 12 months Tv service is often interrupted cable seems to work great.


Fort Scott, Kansas


Poor excuse for a company NO RATING


8 days of sporadic internet No HBO SHOWTIME oh and lets not forget CBS and ABC yep they sent out a tech to fix it that was a joke. He changed out the splitter and left but it did not fix the problem yes charged me for a service that was not fixed called them back to let them know that it was not a problem within my house but down the road ( been doing this song and dance with them for years) Tech left message on 6/23/2017 to let me know they fixed the BX down the street and my problem should be solved yep I put up with them another 5 day. They sent me a bill for over 50 bucks but when asked if they were going to credit my account for the last of use and service now I'm getting the runaround. It is a shame to be a prisoner to company that does not care about there customers. Yep and the late fee will be added to the bill to because of the back and forth email




Never use suddenlink as your internet provider


Suddenlink is unscrupulous company with bad service and poor connectivity. They terrible billing practices and horrible service. I have been a suddenlink customer since last August. The service was constantly going down. It was down more than it was working. They finally sent a maintenance person out to my house to fix the problem. He tightened the connections and I was down the next morning. THEY CHARGED ME TO NOT FIX THE INTERNET. Then they sent another maintenance person out to replace my modem. No charge for this one. I accrued late charges on my bill because they own the equipment which I pay for every month. They eventually reversed the charge and would not reverse the late fee. A late fee was on the disputed maintenance call which they reversed because they should not have billed it. I am a good customer that pays my bill prior to being due. I should not have had a maintenance bill to dispute and having to pay a late fee on their mistake is wrong.


Gainesville TX




While most of the customer service personnel where okay, some outright lied. Beware when you discontinue service you have to take the equipment back to their office and there are only few locations to do so. Even worse even though there was a location closer to me I was told I had to take it to a specific location only which was over an hour through dense traffic to get to.


Anna Texas


*Please take not suddenlink!


I just recently rented an apartment that provides free cable through suddenlink, my son homeschools so we also needed internet. The tech made an excuse about not bringing the cable box so we had to go to the store and hook everything up ourselves, apparently they make great money because he kept telling me to apply. Then I get the bill and it makes absolutely no sense. The modem charge is marked as home wifi, the internet is a bundle package with cable so its not really provided with the lease. I had to get my wife out of the bathroom because they forgot to add me to the billing and they needed her confirmation. The robot prompt took all my information, then the representative asked for it all again. Then she repeated it and made me confirm it before asking for my wife and all of her info. VERY RUDE AND INCOMPETENT WORKERS, SUDDENLINK YOU NEED TO CLEAN HOUSE, ESPECIALLY IF YOUR PAYING YOUR EMPLOYEES AS MUCH AS THEY BOAST! also I have about 100 channels repeat 3 times. I have the slowest internet but it seems to work well with 2 computers. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone else until suddenlink cleans out house and lowers their prices. IM NOT USPET WITH THE INTERNET/CABLE JUST THE BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE, PRICE AND POOR BILLING LANGUAGE.




Dont waste your money on this company


Dont waste your money on this company. We checked our balance last week showed a 0 balance i called to make sure and again told me a 0 balance. 1 week they shut everything off. 2 weeks prior to this we paid 250 dollars please tell me how this company is not ripping people off. I called and spoke with a supervisor she said we are looking at an old acct we have only had 1 acct with suddenlink never changed or anything. Same acct we just paid the 250 dollars on though. So this company is absolutely ridiculous. Dont waste your time or money with them.


San angelo, tx


Suddenlink Cable

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