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Verizon FiOS Cable Service

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Good company


It's a decent company but I have trouble with my internet every now and then but as far as tv service never really had an issue I wish the rates were much lower




I love FiOS


We waited for FiOS to come to our area in Pennsylvania. I refused to go with Comcast. When we first moved in we went with the DISH and then DirectTv and they were horrible! FiOS has everything I want!


Levittown, PA


I feel they are better then my other options.


I have had Verizon for approximately 7 years now after having Optimum the prior 20+ years. I quit Optimum over their service. Verizon does have internet issues occasionally but the difference I have found is that their service is better when you call them. My only other problem with Fios is that it is not available in all areas. My Church wanted to switch to them and could not. They are being held hostage by Optimum and their poor service.


Hawthorne, NJ


I love them but my wallet doesn't


I'm a current customer right bow. I love the service that's been provided but it's just too expensive. I get it. Cost of living goes up each year and prices for everything do as well. I just don't know how much longer I can afford to pay what I'm paying now. We have the phone, cable, and internet bundle. If I remove one or I cut down the number of channels we subscribe to, I'd only be saving about $10 a month.


Methuen, MA


I wish there were more options out there!!


I have Verizon fios just because I want internet and we don't have any options out there! First of all they are too expensive and there service sucks... sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't! It's annoying! For the price I pay I shouldn't have this problem! I had the same problem with their cellphone service payed too much money and had no signal until I got tired and cancelled!


Newburgh, NY


Great TV and Iinternet Service; Horrible Customer Service


Renewed Verizon Fios TV and Internet service for 2 more years in Dec. 2017. First bill received was incorrect. Was told my renewal ordeer didn't go through correctly. Got bill corrected with one phone call, but took 4 more calls for the order to go through correctly. When it did, I lost TV and Internet service, and din't have TV, Internet or home phone (VOIP, but not with Verizon). I was told my order shouldn't have gone through until a technician replaced my ONT (Optical Network Terminal - big circuit board in a box on back of house), which was very old. Had no TV or Internet over New Year's weekend. When tech. came out New Year's Day to replace ONT, he was over an hour late. He asked why I was having the ONt replaced because his records showed I have the latest one. Took him 5 hrs. to replace ONT and get service restored. He said there (still) had been a problem with the order. Also, he left wires exposed from a wiring harness hanging off the end of a new power supply he had to install to get the new ONT to work. Then, the first bill I got in January 2018 was incorrect. I was charged $4+ for loss of a speed upgrade discount. Only problem is, I had never requested a speed upgrade in the first place.


Bowie, MD


Great service, average Customer service


Their service is consistent, very littlw down time. ON DEMAND movies are new and wasy to access. If you do need to call for help on your account, you will be on the phone for aboit an hour and more than likely bpunces from person to person before you are either hung up on or someone can help you


Northern Virginia


Fiber optic cable & Internet


I have only had Fios for about 5 weeks. Cable picture quality is good. DVR holds a lot of shows. I believe the value for the $ is not sufficient. I believe in comparison to other kcompetitors in the area that 1-2 movie channels should be included in the package at no additional costs. I do get a discount because of where I work. Internet, however, is where my main complaint is. I was told when I signed up that it would be better than my previous internet provider. This has not been the case. Our wifi signal in the house is not strong and upload/download speeds seem to be slower. I'm not sure I would reccommend.


Woodbridge, VA


Has it's up and downs


If you want to keep your number and have a working phone with good insurance yea I recommend. If you are tight on money probably not the best way to go!


Cincinnati ohio


Would like to get out of my contract!


I am not happy with Verizon FIOS. I've been using their service for years now and I've only had problems. It seems like every month my bill is different then the last and one point it went up so high it was more then my husbands car payment. I finally realized that loyal customers do not receive any type of discount and the only people that do are new customers which seems a little backwards. Every time we call about something it's a fight down to their remote broke but we have to pay for a new one. It doesn't seem like what we're paying for is worth it. They do give you discounts but don't really notify you when they expire and you don't realize it until your next bills goes up $100. I wouldn't recommend them.


Staten Island, NY


Verizon FiOS Cable Service

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