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Stride 2.0
Stride 2.0 Sweet Peppermint Gum

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L...O...N...G Lasting Flavor!


I am a regular user of another type of sugar free gum, but I recently tried Stride 2.0 Sweet Peppermint and am now hooked! It has a nice peppermint flavor, but it also tastes slightly sweet even though it is sugar free. The best thing about Stride 2.0 is that the flavor lasts for an amazingly long time. I was surprised when I first tried it because it lasts way longer than any other gum I have ever tried. It does cost a little more than my regular gum, but I think it is worth it to get the good tasting flavor and the long lasting flavor. Because the flavor lasts so long, I find that I chew each piece for a lot longer. The gum I was using before had to be replaced frequently because it lost its flavor. I guess that makes it worth paying extra for because I'm probably using half as much. I see they also make Sweet Cinnamon, and I want to try that next! I'm a huge fan of the Sweet Peppermint and would encourage everyone who likes sugar free gum to give it a try!



Stride 2.0 Sweet Peppermint Lasts a long time


Stride 2.0 Swet Peppermint is the best tasting gum on the market right now. The flavor lasts and lasts. It has a nice peppermint taste that has a hint of sweetness to it. It is rediculous how long the flavor lasts but i wouldn't have it any other way. I love gum that i can chew for a while and it won't lose the flavor and get stale. That is exactly what this sweet peppermint gum is. Great tasting and long lasting. Check it out for yourself and you will be hooked for sure. This gum is totally sugarfree also which is a great plus for a lot of reasons. Are you a diabetic? Well if you are you can still chew this gum with no worries. I do not like most sugarfree items on the market currently, but this stride 2.0 Sweet Peppermint is great. The price for this gum is great too. Anyone can afford to buy it and try it out. I would and i am recommending this flavor of gum to anyone and everyone. Give it a try . I believe you will love it! I really don't even like peppermint too much, but this sweet peppermint is great.

Greenbrier, AR


Stride 2.0 Sweet Peppermint Gum

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