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Spy Net
Spy Net Ultimate Mission Pack


Battle head to head with infrared laser action - up to 250 foot range! Includes 2 x blasters and 2 x sensors.

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Very accurate from far distances


I picked up the Spy Net Ultimate Mission Pack for my nephew and I was shocked with the accuracy of the sensor. Aiming with the blaster towards the target and shooting is almost an automatic hit. I was initially thrown off with the placement of the reset button because I kept brushing against it with my thumb, but I was able to adjust my grip to work around the design flaw. The blaster is very light and extremely durable. It has been dropped countless times on the concrete and is still going strong. I wish the strap was a little tighter because it has a tendency to slide down when running. My only major issue with this laser pack is that I can't tell when I make an hit to the target in the daylight. It does light up but it's not bright enough from 30 feet away, but it does signal loud enough to indicate the game is over once I hit my nephew with nine shots. Also I wish that the target was in better position than the arm because it can easily be hidden if I shoot with the opposite hand. I would definitely recommend the Spy Net Ultimate Mission Pack because it's easy to operate right out of the box once batteries are installed and it provides plenty of entertainment.

Westchester, IL


Spy Net Ultimate Mission Pack

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