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LeapFrog Learning Phonics Bus

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My kids enjoy this toy


We received this as a gift, and my girls love it.  One will play with the frog while the other plays with the bus.  The tend to really only play the ABC song, but my 2 year old learned her ABC's by the time she was 18 months, and my baby is well on her way. 


Sylvania, OH


The toy that has kept my son's attention for over a year!!!


My son gets tired of toys very easily and this toy has been used daily for over a year. He loves it. The characters that come out get played with more than the bus. I love that it is education and easy to carry around!! I will continue to buy leapfrog products as long as my kids will use them!!


Columbia, SC


Best school bus in the house!


This bus sure does have the features!  Not only does it play songs and alphabet sounds, it also introduces children to instrument sounds.  It keeps my son's interest for quite some time... as there are many buttons to push and things to explore.  The handle design makes it really easy for him to carry it around from room to room, and push it as he crawls along.  It's a great toy, made my son a fan of school buses!


Arlington Heights, IL


Cute toy that just keeps going.


This is a fund bus that was a big hit for my 2 year old.  She liked it because one of the character shared her name, but really liked the alphabet the best when all was said and done.  There 3 frogs, and each have their own instrument.  When you put each in the driver seat. they sing a different song.  The Alphabet letters help with sound and letter recognition.  This toy comes with batteries, and last forever!!!  I've had this toy for a LONG time and haven't replaced the batteries yet.  And I think that they will give out before my daughter gives it up!


Maroa, IL


Great toy because it teaches letters and has a handle-like.


I like this toy because the handle-like top makes it easy for small child to crawl around pushing it. It is also great for teaching letters because if you push a letter it says it and gives a sound. It has a good battery life time.  My son loves it and I am happy with the perchase.  It also is sturdy and has been through several kids and still works perfectly.  The people come out so it is easy to lose parts, but without the people my son still loves it.  He is one and has used it since 9 months.


Gainesville, FL


Great little toy


This toy is great my son loves it ,its easy to take with us in the car, at appointments every where we go my son takes this toy along with him. They are jsut right for his little fingers easy for him to grip he loves the sounds and the it teaches him phonics while he is playing . i never leave home with out this toy . My only advice is if you are in a quiet office this is a bit distracting so if you're not taking your child to a pediatriction's appointment where its so noisy to begin with i would leave the toy in the car..!!!! 


Richmond Hill, NY


Wonderful way to teach ABC's


My daughter got this for Christmas in 2006, when she was just over a year old. She absolutley loved it. She played with it so much she drained the batteries. It was so much fun watching her with it. She loved the songs that it played and enjoyed taking the characters out and putting them back in. She will be two a couple of weeks before Christmas, and she can already say her ABC's. I really feel like this toy helped her to learn them. I like all the Leap Frog toys.


Bessemer, AL


Great learning tool for kids.


My 3 year old loves this toy. Has played with it over and over since she was a baby. I watch a child with Down Syndrome and she simply loves. She sings along with it. Would recommend this to parents with younger kids wanting to learn your ABC's. I have now passed this toy on to my cousin's baby, he enjoys it immensely. Price is great and LeapFrog have such educational toys.


Dayton, OH


A good way for your child to learn how to say the alphabet


We have this bus in english at grandparents house and in spanish at home. I love both buses. It helps my daughter learn how to say each letter correctly along with singing the alphabet. She loved to take out the characters and make them dance as she is singing along with the alphabet song. This bus has movable wheels so your child can drive it along and the space for the characters is big enough to accomadate other things your child may want to put in there.


Sacramento, CA


Learning Can Be Fun


This toy is lasting.  It has been passed down from my son to my daughters.  They enjoyed playing and learning with it.  My son was rough with the toy but it lasted.  It is very hard to break this toy. This toy has been in our home for at least five years. My home is full of Leap Frog toys.  A very good investment towards a child's learning and play.


High Point, NC


LeapFrog Learning Phonics Bus

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