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Hasbro Catch Phrase

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Great for a group game


Catch Phrase is a party game that is simple to explain, easy to play, and gets everyone involved for a lot of fun. To play a game of Catch Phrase players select one of the double-sided discs which have a ton of words on it to put in the Catch Phrase hand-held contraption. Then players sit alternating team members so the contraption can be easily handed to the next player on the other side. A player presses the timer and begins. In turn, players view the word through the little window slit and get their team to guess the word. Then they slap the side - which will advance the disc inside to the next word - and pass it to the next player on the other team. Meanwhile the loud timer is beeping away and begins to sound more frantically as it gets closer to buzzing. Once it goes off, the team that isn't currently holding the contraption gets a point. And while that may sound pretty dry, it's a ton of fun. Because of the buzzer, players get really flustered as it starts beeping faster and faster - at which point the clue giving gets harried and often ridiculous with a lot of laughs.


Philadelphia, PA


Catch Phrase


This game is rather fun if you have large groups of people in a gathering. Fewer people take away from the fun and considering you have to have teams anyways, the more the merrier. However, the fact there is no 'off' switch is quite irritating and the game has to shut itself down which uses up more battery power than necessary. In the long run, the cost of the batteries, makes the game more expensive than it should be. This game is family friendly but may be harder to use for younger children due to certain phrases. So, good for gatherings, family game, and fun aside from the battery usage; I strongly recommend this game for families. It could also make a nice edition to a classroom game set. The one I own has been dropped several times and still works, so it's rather sturdy as well. I truly hope you chose to purchase a Catch Phrase and enjoy it as well.




Fun Party Game


This game is so much fun to play with friends and family. It does get kind of nerve racking because the timer goes faster when you are close to running out of time.  It is east to get people into playing. We usually have a weekly game night and this game is usually one of the games we always come back to. The rules are easy and quick. You seperate into teams and get your team to guess the word on screen. ONce they get it you pass the device to the other team. Sort of like hot potato. You do this until the time has run out and whoever is stuck with it at the end loses.  If there is only 2 people I got the onther person to guess as many words as possible and counted them up . Whoever has the most words wins.


State College, PA


Great party or group game. Very exciting!


This is the all time favorite of group/party games.  This game is always requested.  It is a fun, crazy, fast paced game that gets your adrenaline going!  It can get loud (shouting out clues and answers) but it is so much fun.  You play on teams & try to get your team to guess your word.  The electronic timer beeps faster and faster (like a bomb about to go off) as time winds down.  Pass it to the other team before time is up!  Have some friends over & play.  It gets everybody laughing.


Vancouver, WA


Electronic Catch phrase is a great travel game!


We have the electronic version of Catch Phrase. It is very similar to Taboo, but the electronic version makes it easy to travel with or take anywhere. This game can be played with any number of people. The only requirement would be the person know how to read. A word comes up on the screen and the person has a certain time limit to get his/her team members to guess the word. They can say ANYTHING except part of the word. It is quite fun to hear what people come up with! If your teammate guesses correctly, you push a button and it goes to the next word. You can keep going until the time runs out. There are also buttons to push for Team 1 and Team 2. The unit keeps track of the score so you don't have to! This is great for being in the car or simply being too lazy to get a pen and paper :) The only place it can't be played is in an area that requires quiet, such as the library, because the game beeps between words and to let you know when the time is up.


Loudonville, OH


I love Catchphrase!


I was introduced to this little handheld game 5 years or so ago, and I loved it immediately.  One of the things I love most about it is that the game can last for as little or as long a time period as you'd like. The handheld device keeps score (to 7) but we almost always wind up playing this multiple times. Each round goes relatively fast (10 minutes?) so the game is never to far from a natural ending point.  Catchphrase is a game full of energy. It will cause the entire group to laugh and smile, and sometimes even argue! (Let's not pretend that many of us aren't extremely poor sports!) Catchphrase is great for anyone age 10+.  Younger ones might do fine playing too, but sometimes they might need a little help defining the given words. (Hey! There's another perk of Catchphrase; it broadens one's vocabulary!) Catchphrase should keep the attention of any crowd you've got on hand. A con is that you have to have a crowd on hand. 4 or more is a must.  


Robertsdale, AL


great for parties


Catch Phrase is a great party game that has given me hours of laughter and fun.  Tons of catagories and words make it great for all ages.  There are some words that kids want know at all but for the most part they can keep up and join in the fun.  Its a fast paced game that keeps your brain working whether you are struggling to think of clues to give or your racing to blurt out the clue first.  The ridiculous clues that people give in a rush will have the whole family laughing all game, We have even had such memorable games that while playing other games we have blurted out inside jokes formed from playing this game.  If you are looking for a fun family game or like playing party games with your friends this is a must own.  There are enough words in the game to allow for many hours of game play without repeat.  I would recommend the game Catch Phrase to anyone looking for a fun party game.


Newark, DE


My favorite game is this Catch Phrase--so fun!


I was first introduced to this game as a teenager.  It was before this electronic version, but we just loved it.  Any time there was a party (mostly girl sleepover parties) we all loved to play this game! As I've grown older, I still absolutely love this game.  We play at a lot of family get togethers.  One thing I really like about this game is that it goes really fast and everyone's turn comes fast.  It is a fun way to get to know each other whether it is family or friends. I have really enjoyed the new electronic version.  What I like about it is that there aren't all those sheets that get lost.  It's also pretty cool that it keeps track of the points inside.  It's also nice because it is easy to switch categories. Overall, I love this game, I think it is a classic game and a fun group game.  That also brings up the only con I can think of--you do need a group to play or at least 4 people.


West Jordan, UT


This is so much fun to play!


I got this game for Christmas a couple years back and my family and I really enjoyed playing it!  We are not normally a game playing bunch.  In fact, this is the only game we have actually all played together in the last couple of years!  Every time we all get together, this game gets pulled out.  It is a very fast, teamwork game that we all enjoy so much!  When we all get together, there is no telling what kind of things will be blurted out mid game.  We all get so cracked up about what others say during the game. It really provides a great bonding experience for us all.  Because, when we have to say goodbye to family members, we can each remember what went on during the games we played.  I have played this game with friends, too, and they all loved it. It is a great game for young and old.  I have played it with my 7 year old cousin and with my 80+ year old grandparents! It makes such a great gift!  It is one of those rare gifts were the recipient will actually remember who gave it to them.  I really recommend this to anyone and everyone!


Schlater, MS


Electronic Catch Phrase is an Awesome Handheld Game


Catch Phrase is a game of quick wits, that tests people's abilities to associate words or phrases with descriptions.  The game is hand-held, making it extremely portable, and very easy to store when you aren't using it.  In addition, this is an electronic game, which keeps it very compact, and keeps it easy to play with.  The basic premise of the game is to take a word or phrase that comes up on the digital screen, and get your partner or team to guess it without saying the word itself.  This can be done with motions or words, and an internal timer helps to insure that you move along quickly.  The trick is to pass the device (after a correct guess) to the next player or team before the buzzer goes off, and then they try to guess the next word. As a game, Catch Phrase is relatively easy to play, and extremely easy to learn for a first-timer.  The trick becomes learning how to associate the word you are given with clues that you know your teammate(s) will be able to guess in a short amount of time.  The timer goes off after one minute, and the team left holding the Catch Phrase disc is declared the loser for that particular round.  The winner of the round gets 1 point, with the ultimate goal being to achieve 7 points over the course of several rounds.  The size of the game (no bigger than a small Frisbee) is what makes it easy to pass around, and when you have guessed a word, it is as simple as pressing the button on the front to get to the next word.  When a round ends, there are two buttons (one that corresponds to each team) that you press to give the point to the correct team. When starting out the game of Catch Phrase, you can choose one of the categories, or go with "everything", which shuffles up all of the possibilities.  The categories to choose from include Tech/Inventions, History Buff, Entertainment, Sports/Games, Geography, Transportation, Around The House, Food/Drink, Plants/Animals, Family, and Everything.  They are all fun, and the difficulty level of the clues varies depending on how much you know about one of them.  Game-play goes pretty quickly, as each round is only 1 minute, so you could finish an entire game of Catch Phrase in less than 15 minutes.  The game also runs on batteries, and tends to last a pretty long time, with the ability to turn itself off when not in use (which is very nice). **ViewPoint of Hand-held Catch Phrase** Players of all ages can enjoy Catch Phrase, and I have found that the game works best with large groups.  That's when the guesses get really fun, and the competitive juices start to flow as the game is passed around during the rounds.  It's also a game that can easily be played by families, as it doesn't last very long, and doesn't take any effort to get started or "break-it-down" after a game has been played.  A lot of fun to be played, and full of many different words and phrases to guess, Electronic Catch Phrase is a highly recommended game that is guaranteed to provide hours of fun.    


Spokane, WA


Hasbro Catch Phrase

4.4 12