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Blu-Ray Player
Sony Black 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player

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Decent Product.


My Blu-Ray DVD player is satisfactory, but I would like a more simple dvd player. The performance and abilities of this device are well above satisfactory, but it can be a little difficult to use. While the difficulty level is a little high, the quality of the device is amazing. There are so many things you can do with this device, and the sound quality is amazing and also the playback quality.




Sony Blu-ray


like many sony products this is an excellent buy. i have no complains what so ever theintergrated wi-fi is a huge plus. the connectivity has a very good range i have it set up from a large distance. it picks up the signal geat, with really good streaming no problem with it. i like the menu set up it reminds me of the playstation 3 set up. i love all the great features such as pandora youtube netflix amazon vod and various more. the fact that it is 3-D compatible is a great and probrably its best feature. the image quality is ridiculous 1080i for a crisp image making you feel like its a live image. the processing speed is extremely fast almost like a computer. it also produces a great quality image on the 3-D tv. this blu-ray player is for sure the best of its class im pretty sure that sony has got this class on lock. i highly reccomend it to anyone looking to replace their dvd or broken blu-ray player


Miami, FL




**Recently, the Blu-Ray Players were on sale for the holidays, and so I picked up the Sony Blu-Ray S570 as I have been eyeing it for some time now, and I have to say that I am just loving it. It has so many awesome features, some that I haven't even gotten to explore yet. Here are some of the ones I've enjoyed. It lets you stream online content, which I wanted to do with Pandora and You-Tube, as opposed to buying a separate connection to hook up my computer to the television. It also has many other online applications you can choose from like net-flix and slacker, and a whole bunch of others that you can learn about right on the outside of the box. Overall, I have found it to be a great Blu-ray Player, with opportunity for 3D content viewing with your 3D ready TV. I also like the way that Sony has it designed if you own one of their TVs, you can also use just the one controller for both. It's very convenient!**


West Liberty, KY


Best value & quality


The Sony BluRay BDP-S570 is the best BluRay player that you can purchase. For the quality and price you can't get a better BluRay player. Although Sony has come out with the 770 model, I looked at the features and you aren't really getting anything different -- except paying more -- with that one over the 570. The 570 comes with crystal clear resolution, great color quality -- you really couldn't ask for a better visual experience. The features are amazing including: WiFi and the ability to access apps like Netflix and YouTube straight from the BluRay player as well as USB capability AND 3D compatability. I've heard it's the only BluRay player in its quality and price range that comes 3D ready. It is simple to use, and has a sleek black design. I use this BluRay player with the Sony Bravia HDTV and the picture quality is absolutely amazing. It also upconverts older, non-BluRay DVDs and gives them a sharper look too.




Great Product


Wow, well I don't typically buy Sony products but after purchasing this BluRay player I have certainly decided otherwise.  The quality of this player is excellent and it is very quiet and lightweight.  I love the sleak look and the hidden buttons.  The price was a great deal as well and even though I decided not to buy it with wi-fi it is still a great deal overall.  The quality of BluRay over normal HD dvd formats is excellent and I now only want to watch movies in this quality.  Sony offers a great line of BluRay players and I actually took my friend's advice on purchasing this particular one, and I am glad I did!  I am thinking of going back to buy another one for my parents in the coming month as a gift for their anniversary, and I think they would really enjoy the quality as well.  Hopefully Sony continues to design devices like this and I will start purchasing more of their products in the future!


Waldorf, MD


Impressive Sony Blu Ray Player


The Sony BDP-S570 is a beautiful Blu-Ray Player. It has all the top of the line specifications and will impress anyone. The Sony build quality is evident in this product, as it has superior build quality and has perfect structural integerity. All the parts were solid and didn't have any creaking or squeaks like other Blu Ray players I have used. The quality of picture is great considering it is Blu Ray. Has a very easy set up that caused absolutely no problems. This player is also very affordable and is certainly worth the price paid for it. It also includes 3D support, so the Blu Ray player is future proof, and you will be ahead of the technology curve. It also includes 1GB of storage on the device itself. This is a very nice advantage to have over other players. It has a full suite of features and should be able to conquer any file format that is thrown at it. Definitely my favorite Blu Ray player. 5 stars!!


Pleasanton, CA


Sony BDP-S570 Blu-Ray - Quality For Your Money!


The Sony BDP-S570 provides many quality features that you would usually find on much more expensive players. The combination of value for money and the great features included make this blu-ray player an excellent buy. The BDP-S570 has incredible picture quality. The picture is lifelike and absolutely flawless. I was actually fairly shocked when we hooked it up to our television and I saw the blu-ray picture for the very first time. WOW! Now I know why people are switching to blu-ray! Apparently this is one of the better players out there, because I've seen a few more since then and this one seems to have the clearest, most crisp picture. I love how you get updates if you hook up a network connection; talk about quality and service. Sony has never let us down and with this blu-ray player they continue to excel. All in all, we couldn't ask for a better blu-ray player. The BDP-S570 is a quality player for your money.


Hillsborough, NH


Sony Blu-Ray WOW !!!


I purchased the Sony Blu-Ray BDP S570 player for my husband this Christmas. It came recommended from a friend. My husband was and is thrilled with it. Setting it up was easy, thankfully someone at the store showed me the cord that you needed (not included) otherwise he would not have been happy to have to wait to begin using it. I thought that all it did was play DVDs, but it does much, much more ! We are now hooked up to Netflix, hula, Youtube etc, etc. The actual player is a nice small size, the blu ray  shows we streamline thru it are amazing ! We may never go out to a movie again !


Mequon, WI


we love this bluray player!


Speaking of the best holiday gifts.. this is one of them! This year we got our first hdtv and since we got that, we knew we wanted the blu ray player to go right along with it! We researched them online & ended up going with this sony blu ray player. We love it. The buttons are easy to figure out. the picture is excellent. The sleek black look is our favorite. we love to use the sony blu ray player for a movie night at our house & we plan to purchase a surround sound system to go along with it! I would recommend the sony blu ray player to my friends and family because we are very happy with it & would buy it again! But hopefully we won't need to be shopping for a new blu ray player for many many many years! sony is a great brand name that we can trust and has great customer service to back up their products if there is ever a problem that needs resolved! So if you are looking for a great holiday gift for your loved ones, put this at the top of the list (Next to the big screen tv).


Vandergrift, PA


It's amazingly simple to use, get it!


I purchased the Sony BDP-S570 Blu-Ray Player in August 2010. We love it! Setup was so simple a child could do it, just plug it in and follow the on screen directions. It has built in wireless, so connecting it to my wireless router was a breeze. I did have to go online to complete the setup, but again it was very quick and easy. It is 3D compatible, but we do not have a 3D TV...yet! It syncs perfectly with our Sony Bravia TV and is very low profile and attractive looking. It upgrades our DVDs to a stunning picture quality and while we have watched Blu-ray movies on it, I can't tell the difference between the DVD and the Blu-rays. I just signed up for Netflix and the ability to Instantly watch movies through this device is a wonderful experience. Unlike the games systems, you can't queue your movies through the blu-ray player, you have to go online to do it. Once done, they are available thought the player. My router a cheap one, is upstairs and my blu-ray player downstairs. There are 2 walls and a stairway between the devices, yet we get fantastic streaming movies through the player! This was one of my best buys of the year and I would reccomend it to anyone looking for a new Blu-ray player.


Shamokin, PA


Sony Black 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player

4.6 17