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Blu-Ray Player
Sony BDP- Blu-Ray Player

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Decent Product


I bought this Blu-ray player in November 2009 and have used it off and on ever since. I won't tell you I am a big user of Blu-ray/DVD players, I am casual at best. However, I must say I am quite impressed with the picture quality of the Blu-ray movies as compared to televised movies in high definition. The player also upscaled DVDs so they look a little better than you would see on a cheapo DVD player (but not as good as Blu-ray). The player is networked, obviously, but has none of the neat cool widgets and features of the newer models. For that reason, I wouldn't recommend getting one of these right now. You might as well get a newer model with more features. A note (that is true with most players), the update process is annoying. In the time I have had it, I think I've installed like 15 updates, which may be necessary for some discs to play). It's just a nuisance of Blu-ray players that wasn't there for DVD players. Overall, a good product though.


Beverly Hills, CA


Fairly dependable Blu-Ray player


I bought this Sony S350 Blu-Ray DVD player for my husband the Christmas before last.  We were amazed at the image quality of the Blu-Ray movies.  It trumps the HD channels on TV.  So we were very happy with that aspect of it.  However, the Blu-Ray DVD's take a lot longer to load than normal DVD's.  And we've had some trouble navigating through the movie once it's playing (such as chapter selection, menu options, etc.).  Also, the Blu-Ray movies started out much more expensive, but now that things are heading towards 3-D the prices have come way down, which is nice.  We've had the player for about a year and a half and have started to see some problems.  When we load a movie it sometimes gives an error message saying that it can't read the disc.  But if we eject and reload it, it will accept it after a few tries.  Probably need to take in to the appliance repair shop.  Overall it's been a good player though.


Silverton, OR


Sony BDP- Blu-Ray Player

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