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Blu-Ray Player
Sony - BDP- Blu-Ray Player

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High Quality!


The Sony BDP-S550 Blu-Ray Player was my first and only blu ray dvd player I have ever purchased. It gives me amazing high quality on my blu ray dvds and it is so efficient. It is easy to setup. I just plugged in my HDMI cord and tuned in to the set channel and I started receiving one of the best high definition pictures I had ever seen on my 42 inch bedroom tv. It has a nice slim look to it, it fit perfectly on a small slot in my entertainment center, The buttons on the front panel are easy to navigate through. The remote also has a slim look to it. It is very easy to get acquainted with. I bought an extra one as a gift to my sister on her birthday and set it up for her that same day and she couldn't be happier. A friend of ours had been having problems with his, but we have not experienced any problems. This truly one of the best dvd players I have come across and intend to keep it until it decides to retire itself. I would recommend this product not only for its convenient design but for its amazing performance. Way to go, Sony!!

San Benito, TX


Too many technical features for me


My family has owned this blu-ray player now for about a year.  My husband did all of the research before purchasing this blu-ray player and it seems to be one of the highest quality players.  In fact, my husband loves it so much that he purchased an identical one for our home theater system.  I can't speak about all of the technical features so my review is based on what I expect a blu-ray player to do.  That is, play movies.  The player works, and plays blu-ray movies with a sharp clear picture.  However, I hate that it takes so long to load some movies - especially Disney movies.  Then I have had the problem where when you eject a movie and try to play another movie, the player won't play the new movie because it has some memory of the old movie stuck in it.  When that happens I have to put on the old movie, play it for a bit, stop and eject again.  We have also had to do firmware updates on this player.  Thank heavens by husband figured out how to do this I was lost.  So for a techie who loves all of the feature that this offers, this is a great player.  For a practical person like me, there seems to be some bugs in the player still.

Draper, UT


not as impressed as I thought I would be


I am not as impressed with this blu-ray player as I thought I would be.  As an owner of a 52" Pioneer Elite Plasma TV and Klipsch sound system, we thought this would be a great addition to our media room.  We were sadly disappointed in the problems with this machine.  We've had TONS of movies freezing up on us even after we updated the firmware 2x.    The picture is nice, but not as nice as we thought it would be.  We've consulted with numerous people on whether we connected it properly and then had it inspected by the installer of the rest of our equipment.  We've had 2 hdmi cables go bad on us and have no explaination why.  We're returning this product and hopefully we can find something better.

Morrisonville, NY


Sony - BDP- Blu-Ray Player

3.3 3