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Snow King
Snow King Yard Machine

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Poor quality and don't use very often.


We got the Snow King snowblower several years ago as a gift and it has been nothing but trouble for us. When we got it out of the box, one of the tires was flat so we had to take it to get it filled. Then we could not get the blades to spin. My husband is pretty handy and he spent over an hour trying to get the blades to spin. I had finished shoveling by the time he gave up. We finally took it to a shop and they said that the manufacturer had put the wrong part on. Once we got that taken care of, we were finally able to use it. Performance It does a decent job blowing the snow. It gets slow with the wet heavy snow. Handling It's heavy to push and the wheels don't spin the greatest. Durability Once we got it up and running and were able to use it, it seems like it's sturdy and will last a long time. Ease of Use It's pretty easy to use although sometimes it's tough to get it started. Engine Power We've never had a problem with how the engine runs and it seems pretty strong.

Fort Wayne, IN


Works really great but could use larger wheels in deep wet snow


The Yard King Snowblower has no problem throwing wet or dry snow far enough, but in wet heavy snow the small wheels tend to bog down and requires a lot of manhandling and pushing to get it through. The unit with the electric start is VERY easy to get started and is quickly ready to get to work.

Browns Mills, NJ


I is hard to start


I bought this snowblower last fall because I thought it would be much better than the little one I had.  However, this one is hard to start and clogs up a lot.  My little one (3 horsepower) never clogged up and was easy to start.  So I am quite disappointed.

Kenosha, WI


Snow King Yard Machine

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