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Caution when it comes to breakables


Smartbargins.com has some super great deals, everything from furniture, clothing, jewlery, handbags, luggage, bed and bath, kitchen ware, bar ware and lighting.  I want to share my experienences with anyone who uses good bargin on-line sites. Smartbargins, which I found through the use of my Discover card on line shopping, gives me 5 percent cash back, has done an exceptionally good job in pricing items, discounts, specials, and the quality of the items.  However, when purchasing tiffany stained glass, they seem to have difficulties.  The items on the site are warehoused throughout the US, and packing of the items are a little less than what is to be expected when shipping glass.  I have ordered two lamps and five pendent lights (all stained glass) and they do not pack them very well at all.  On one of the peacock lamps, the side was smashed, so being upset as I was I called to complain about it.  The customer service is extremely well, and the lamp was refunded back to my account. Because it is glass they will not except it back, so beings there were no more in stock, and once they are gone, they are gone, I did not get my lamp. So I highly recommend this web site for outstanding bargins, but also highly suggest you do not order anything such as stained glass. 

Bassett, VA



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