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Singer Finishing Touch Serger Sewing Machine

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Do not buy this machine unless you like to waste your time


This serger is what it is worth, broke tow weeks after returnees with needles angled yes that's how they should of been when I bought it You cannot get the tension right no matter how many books, you tubes you read or watch I have just spent another 5 hours adjusting tension and gave up This machine is a lose I'll have to eat But I refuse to spend one more minute of my time on a machine that should of never been put on the market Please just save up your money and by a machine that has automatic threading a repair service near you!!! This has just taken all my energy and time That I'm done even sewing anymore It's junk when you pay 200$ you get junk




Great product


I received this as a gift for my birthday last year. I am an avid sewing person and had always wanted a serger. The project I do are not super complicated but having a serger would make life easier. I love my singer serger. I took it out of the box and it was already threaded which was a huge help. If I would have started from scratch it probably would have been difficult.vi love that each spool has a color coded path for threading, it makes it so much easier. The instructions were really easy to manage and there are lots of helpful hints also. This machine is fairly quiet when it runs which if nice,I can sew while my kids sleep and not have it sound like a freight train. For the money that was spent on this machine it was greatly worth it. It is well put together, easy to manage and use and it nicely compact. It doesn't take up a whole desk. I am able to have my serger and sewing machine on the same table and hop between. I would recommend this product to people in an instant. It is worth the money and has lived up to the reviews that I had read before choosing one.


Grand Rapids, MI


Great for the money.


My first serger. For the money it is a good learning machine. It has its problems, but, for the money not bad. I have learned a lot off of this machine. I know now what to look for and what I want. This is a great learning machine. It is very forgiving and takes a lot of punishment. I can now justify buying a more expensive line. This is a great first serger machine. Stitch Performance If you do the workbook and learn the stich the tension will come Keep the book handy at all times. It's a good read. Ease of Use You have to get use to it. Once you learn the threading is not bad and comes quicker. Have the book next to you or at least handy. I've had to make copies already.but worth it. Fabric Handling This is my first serger. Once I learned how it was good. Versatility This has done everything I have asked it. Not bad for a less expensive machine. From playing, (learning) to sewing shirts this machine worked great. Design They tried real hard to make it good. (and did) Ease of threading is good. Not the expensive machines so don't expect it. Durability After all my mistakes, this machine is still working. Easy to use. The book said to use the machine. I did. I pushed it hard. I finished the edges of a queen size quilt. This was to thick for the serger, but, it worked with very little problems.




Workhorse! Low Maintenance


I have had this serger for 10+ years, have never had it serviced, and have sewn hundreds of items of clothing on it. It seriously is a workhorse! I hardly even maintain it well myself, and it has sewn flawlessly for years. Only recently I finally had to change out the cutting blade, and that was after I started sewing with lycra stretch fabrics, which are hard on blades and dull them quickly. Threading the machine is simple and easy to follow. The only downside that I've found is that I have had to increase the tension on the looper threads to their max to get them tight and on the seam. Maybe this is an issue that would be resolved with getting the machine service, but it works fine, so I don't see any reason to pay a bunch of money for servicing just yet. I have mainly used it for four thread seam stitching. I tried the flatlock, and it worked fine, it just wasn't the look I wanted for the garment.




Extremely easy to use Singer Serger


The Singer Serger Sweing Machine is so easy to use and thread, its a breeze!! Each thread lines are color coded so that you can thread it correctly every time with no frustration! And as its a Singer, a name that we all have known for years you know that it isn't a flybynight company that won't be there for questions.


Fort Morgan, CO


Great Serger! Singer ProFinish


I purchased this serger about six months ago and I am very pleased with it. I was using my grandmothers dinosaur serger for a long time and I could never thread it properly even though I followed the picture perfectly! I really love that this machine comes threaded and when I had to change out the thread it was very simple and I had no problems. This machine also has suction cups on the bottom so it will stay in place which is fantastic! It makes a lot of noise but what serger does not?? One problem is that I cannot seem to figure out how to open the compartment with the accessories in it. I have tried so many ways and almost broken the plastic thing many times. I skimmed the manual for directions but I didnt find any, so good luck to you. Other than the few small things I am so very happy with this machine!


Atlanta, GA


Overall a nice machine for the price


I have been sewing for almost 20 years but had never owned a serger until last year when I got this machine. At first I was absolutely in love with it but I quickly learned that it did have some downfalls. The tension is picky based on different fabric thicknesses and it takes me a lot of time to adjust it so that it doesn't skip stitches when I switch fabric types. I also am not able to sew many thick fabrics (like soakers for cloth diapers) with this machine. I am able to serger edges on basic cotton fabrics and other thin fabrics but anything more than two layers of denim is more that I can get this machine to handle. I wish it was easier to adjust the tension for different fabric types because I often get frustrated with how long it takes me to do this.


Colfax, IA


Singer Serger with Coverstitch gives Professional Results


Having owned a Singer Serger previously I wanted to upgrade to a coverstitch and for the price this one gives great results.  Although I can thread my regular serger with my eyes closed, I do have to refer to the manual often for the variety of stitches. On the subject of the manual. You will only receive a basic user manual with this machine but are directed to go to the SInger Web site and download and print the extensive one. And it is extensive. I don't know how many pages exactly but it fits into a 3 inch 3-ring binder. Threading this machine is really no more difficult than a regular 3/4 thread serger. And the types of stitches is the same with the exception of the "coverstitch". That is the stitch you see on the hems of most ready to wear where you see 2 or 3 lines of stiching on the outside and a serged stitch on the underside. There is no cutting the fabric with this stitch and you drop the knife(easy one motion) to accomplish that. The machine is also quieter than most segers and sews very smooth.


Burton, MI


Singer 14SH654 is just so-so


This is not my favorite machine, although I expected it to be when I bought it. I hate hemming and wished for a serger for several years before I actually jumped in and bought one. This being the only serger I have ever owned, I don't know if it is the brand/model or just sergers, in general, but this thing breaks thread fairly often and it is a bear to re-thread. Honestly, my husband has to re-thread it for me. After walking in on me staring blankly at my new machine (which I could not figure out how to re-thread), he took pity and had a look for himself. Turns out, this machine's inner workings are somewhat similar to the inner workings of a square hay baler. Who knew? Other than the threading difficulty, it is a fabulous machine. I have been offered my money back from a friend who really wants one of her own and it is not so frustrating that I am ready to part with it but I do wish it were a little easier to thread.


Caneyville, KY


Nothing seams to be the problem


Ive own this for so many years and used it soo many times its awesome.  Im a tailor and I use this for hemming, tapering,  mending, and other sewing jobs and I love it.  It lasts a really long time without problems but you must maintain it just as properly because it not self cleaning. I only had this machine looked at by a professional one time because the pedal was giving me problems but again I use this machine a lot so there was going to be something along the way. The finishing is clean and precise,  it has never missed or fumbled on any of my jobs.  Retreading bobbins and thread spools are easier than sewing itself.  There are knobs for the tensions of each kind of material such as denim or silk.  This is not ideal for heavy-duty  sewing such as leather or odd things like back-packs.  But its a great machine and should be accompanied by other singer products like an overlock machine. 


Fairfield, CA


Singer Finishing Touch Serger Sewing Machine

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