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Baby Lock
Baby Lock Evolve Serger

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I brought my evolve when it first came out in January of 2000. I FELT IN LOVE WITH THE JET AIR TREADING SYSTEM and the quick reference threading guide. I had another brand and I was always fighting it and so my husband I go to his friend's CENTRAL sewing center in el Cajon ca. I have brought all my machine, embroidery machine , quilting machine from them. I love that they will take my old machine, serger for a trade in and I get a very good price for a new updated serger. I just got my new OVATION SERGER for half the price. I know this serger is the best in the market easy to use and the BABY LOCK company stands behind their product & their dealers. You get free lessons with samples. You should get one of their sergers they are worth every cent you spent. check them out on their web site or dealers.


san diego ca


This machine creates some of the most beautiful hems and stitch.


I love this serger. My mom has about a dozen in our shop and this one is quite nice. I love that I can use as few as a single spool of thread or use all four at the same time without it being overly complicated to adjust the stitches and hems that I'm doing. This serger is great on the thinnest fabric and it works up to thick and heavy denim. I've used this several times on my boyfriends jeans. My guy wears a 28 or 29 in the legs because he's shorter but it's hard to find jeans that are 36-38 X 28. I have to cut his pants and hem them with the serger constantly and this is a great machine for it. It also creates awesome hems around my quilts and bottoms of my shirts that I sew. Stitch Performance The stitch performance is great. I can stitch with a single spool, a double, or all the way up to four spools and create some nice hems and stitches with this serger. It works great on curtains and if you know how to use it, you can use this serger to create ruffles. Ease of Use This isn't a beginners machine but it's a great one once you know what you're doing. It's so easy and simple to use. Fabric Handling This machine handles the thinnest to the thickest fabrics. It's a really nice machine. Versatility I can use this on hem lines around t-shirts or I can use it on quilts and curtains. I can even use this on the hem line of pants. It's very versatile. My mom had some trouble teaching me to use this when I was a teenager but once I got a knack for it, I love a serger and recommend any home sewer to get one. Design The design is great. I love how versatile it is. Durability I've never had any issues. Occasionally I will break a needle but that occurs with any machine.




The Jet Air Threading on Baby Locks Evolve Wows Me!


You would think I would get tired of watching my BabyLock Evolve Serger thread itself after a while, but no, it never gets stale.  If you ever had to rethread a serger yourself, especially after not having done it for a while, this will wow you too.  Forget the goofy tweezers, this machine threads itself with a puff of air, like magic. The tension system is called "automatic thread delivery" and it is noticeable right away.  My old serger did not always get the tension right and that resulted in my having to rethread...manually.  So this is a big improvement. Both the Evolve and the less expensive Imagine had built-in accessory storage and rolled hem features as well as differential feed, but the Imagine only sews with four threads at a time, whereas the Evolve has the capacity for eight. It is unlikely that I will actually ever use eight threads at one time, but  the extra spool holders are great for storing spare thread, especially when doing color changes.  The wave feature which I poo-poo'd when the sales clerk was talking it up turned out to be somewhat handy, but if the Evolve had been available at a lower price without the wave stitch I would have gone for the savings. The coverstitch feature was my reason for choosing the Evolve over the less expensive Imagine, that, and the fact that my husband was buying.  The Evolve is a little machine with big features and a big price to match, but when I think of all the money I save buying used cars, I am only to happy to spend some of it on classy home appliances.   BabyLock's high-end sergers are about as classy as you can get.  


San Jacinto, CA


Would not live with out serger


Babylock serger is the best, threads it self esp when using heavy thread, can do rolled hems, make towels, baby blankets and you name it, mine gets well used and love it. Prefer Baby lock over any other machine. If you buy one please buyBabylock your will enjoy it 500%.


Newark, DE


My second Babylock, is still love at first sight.


I already had a babylock, purchased about 20 years ago. I fell in love with it when I saw how fast and easy it was. The original one had a pretty cumbersome way of threading it, in fact it was the one thing that made me want to take a hammer after it! Well, after years and years of use I finally decided I might want to upgrade it. Actually, it was costume season, and I had about 250 costumes that needed to be done in pretty short order. I headed out with a friend and we went to take a "test drive" so to speak. I can only say I was totally blown away with the ease of the new machine. It ran like a buttah! I had taken thick pieces of fabric like I was going to use on the costumes. It gobbled it right thru, even over the double seams. No broken threads, no bunched up fabric. Nothing. Ahh, I could sense the new love.


Plano, TX


This Babylock serger is WAY better than my old one.


The Babylock takes the hassle and frustration out of serging.  With my old serger, I often gave up when it came to rethreading the four needles or altering the tension.  With the Babylock and the jet air threading, I don't get stressed out.  Whenever I hear the word "serger", I jump into the conversation to add my two cents (plus) for the Babylock.


Grand Rapids, MI


Serger of your dreams!


This is the serger of all sergers! The airflow threader is a dream come true after threading another brand of serger with tweezers for 15 years. It has an amazing variety of stitch options, including Baby Lock's exclusive Wave Stitch. One of my favorite stitch feature is the gathering stitch which cuts down the time consuming way of gathering by hand.  It features a built in thread cutter, snap on multipurpose presser foot, built in storage and It is without question the easiest coverstitch serger I've ever used. It is easy to thread. The stitch quality is beyond compare. Never have I seen another serger produce such a lovely satin looking stitch with no puckering. I've been able to go from light weight fabric to heavy denim with out a skipped stitch and the look of the stitch stays the same.. Mine came with an instructional video and I think that comes standard with the purchase of the machine and is extremely helpful. It shows you ways to use this machine that you never even knew a serger could do. If you are looking for a top of the line serger this one is it!


Milwaukee, WI


Baby Lock Evolve Serger

5.0 7