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Simmons Beautyrest Comfort Express Raised Pillow Top Air Bed

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Comfortable, BUT


This mattress is comfortable, but it is not very durable. I bought this mattress when I moved out of my old apartment and threw out my old mattress. At first, I thought that this air mattress would work well as a transitional mattress - one that I could use while I get settled and looked for new furniture. Well, it did its job. It was easy to move and set up and gave me a bed when that was the only piece of furniture in my apartment. I slept very well on it. In fact, I slept so well that I wanted to use it as my permanent mattress. I put a pillow top cover on it and draped sheets around it to hide the plastic/rubber. It worked great for a while. But after a while, the air would leak a little and it would start to deflate. That's no big deal since I just put more air in. The big problem is that the rubber band/binding around the mattress started to buckle. When I moved around a lot, the buckling became worse. Eventually, all the rubber band was gone and the mattress looked bloated. I lived with this for a while, until a big whole formed where the seams that held the band was. A dime sized whole eventually developed and I had to throw the mattress away. So it's good, but designed for short-term use.

Brooklyn, NY


Quick set-up for a guest


The Simmons Beautyrest Comfort Express Raised Pillow Top Air Bed is a very convenient accessory to have in case of emergencies or the unexpected extra house guest. As the other reviewers indicated, the Simmons airbed is more like a bed than an air mattress. Other air mattresses generally have a plastic smell and are not as firm. They actually feel more like a waterbed. In addition, they tend to tear easily and lose air rather quickly. The Simmons airbed did not disappoint in these areas, rather it excelled. With an electric air pump, that quickly inflates the airbed, the Simmons airbed is fully inflated within minutes. Some Simmons airbeds may be labeled as queen size; however, the actual inflated size is less than a standard queen size. This is something to keep in mind when purchasing any air bed/mattress. In case of an accidental tear, Simmons provides a small repair kit to patch any tears. Finally, the height of the Simmons airbed is higher than most other air beds/mattresses.

Fairfield, CT


very nice sleep for an air mattress, still some flaws


I purchased a Simmons Beautyrest double-sized air mattress 4 years ago.  I've had mixed experiencies with air mattresses in the future.  Comfort is definitely the key thing I look for when shopping for one.  It was the brand name that attracted me to this mattress, and I haven't been disappointed in the quality of the sleep.  The top of this mattress has a thick cover that is somewhat suede like.  Unlike other mattresses, this one doesn't have a plastic feel or make noise when you're sleeping on it.  Also, the covering of the mattress means that it doesn't get cool overnight like a plastic top can. While I give this mattress an overall positive review, it still has a common flaw that air mattresses have - during use, the mattress slowly seeps air.  I will say that I'm a bigger person - by the end of the night, the mattress has deflated by about 1/3.  With lighter people, this may not be such an issue. Still, I would give this mattress 4 out of 5 stars for the comfort factor.

Charlotte, NC


Sleep like a Queen on this Beautyrest AirBed


I purchased the Beauty-Rest Comfort Express Raised Pillow Top Air Bed for my daughter Megan when she moved from home in January,2010 to Jersey City, New Jersey with her high school friend.  She told that she needed a bed so I began to search the web , and I found a lot of air beds. I really liked the way the Beauty-Rest Comfort Express Raised Pillow Top Air Bed looked it looked like it would be soft and comfortable to sleep on so I ordered for my daughter. I was right my daughter told that The Beauty-Rest Comfort Express Raised Pillow Top Air Bed was the most soft and comfortable air bed she had ever slept on at night. She told me that the Beauty-rest Comfort Express Raised Pillow Top Air Bed was not only comfortable to sleep on at night but it made her feel like a Queen when she slept on it. She also said that her room mate sat on her bed one day and she felt that the Beauty Rest Comfort Express Raised Pillow Top Air Bed made her feel like a Queen too and she was just sitting on the bed. My daughter also told me that she likes the way that bed inflates and deflates in no time at all. She says that she is never late to work because the Beauty-Rest Comfort Express Raised Pillow Top Air Bed takes no time to deflate and put away in the morning and also does not take any take to inflate at night when she ready to go to bed.

Washington, DC


Simmons Beautyrest Comfort Express Raised Pillow Top Air Bed

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