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AeroBed Twin Guest Choice- Decent Short Term Bed


When I moved to college, I didn't have the money for an actual mattress, so I relied on my AeroBed for bedding for the first few months. While I can't say the AeroBed will win any awards for comfort, the product was adequate and kept me from sleeping on the floor. It took me about two weeks to get a good night's sleep on the bed, and after that I slept alright with infrequent times of waking up in the night. The bed did develop a slow leak over time, and by the end of my time using the bed there was a noticeable (but not too problematic) drop in the air in the bed. Other than that, there aren't too many complaints I can make about the mattress. The mattress inflated in a decently short period of time, the bedding didn't spontaneously catch on fire when placed on the bed, deflation was relatively easy and the bed stored pretty easily in the provided bag. Overall, I wouldn't recommend this AeroBed for long term use, but for short-term guests or short-term replacements, you can get by on this without too much issue.

Chapel Hill, NC


Not sure the AeroBed Twin Guest Choice was worth the money


I purchased two of the AeroBed Twin Guest Choice air mattresses for my husband and I when we sold our house and our furniture had already been moved out of our house.  First off I didn't realize I was going to have to purchase a bunch of D size batteries...I thought it would be able to plug into the wall like the kids Aerobeds that I own and LOVE.  We had trouble with the battery compartment with the first mattress that we tried to air up.  They were tight and hard to put in and take out.  We finally got it blown up.  The second mattress we did not have any trouble with the batteries or airing it up which I thought was strange and made me think that the quality was not consistent.  BUT the main reason I only gave the mattress three stars is because it lost air during the night and it was VERY uncomfortable.  Unfortunately we had no choice but to sleep on these VERY uncomfortable air mattresses for 4 nights.

Austin, TX


This is the best "hide-a-way" guest bed and the kids love it!


First thing first - I didn't pay for the my AeroBed - I inherited it from my mother. That said, I am so enthusiastic about this product I am considering buying another one!!!! This is undoubtedly a find for the parent who kids have frequent sleepovers or for the person who has frequent guests and not a lot of room. It is quite compact and comes in a great case for when not in use ( I easily store it in the bottom of a closet) When you need it, it is easy to set up. All the parts are attached  including the pump and it inflates in less than a minute. Truly a find. My only negative would be that there is one part which can be removed and it is a small plastic part. I have found you can easily avoid losing this part by folding it into the center before it is put away. Also, Aerobed does sell replacement part but, of course, that goes agains my frugla nature. Overall  I would highly recommend this product for it's convenience and high quality.

Chicago, IL


Perfect for a houseguest


The AeroBed is a perfect option for people who like to have houseguests but either do not have a sofa bed or have one that is really uncomfortable.  It is very easy and fast to inflate (as long as you have an outlet nearby) and deflate.  The Aerobed comes with a nice little cover as well, so you can either make the bed with a bit more padding underneath or you can just give someone a sleeping bag without worrying that they'll roll onto cold plastic. The Aerobed rolls up into a medium-sized bag that can be transported to/from a friend's house or stored in a normal cabinet without taking up too much room. Comfort-wise, I have always been very happy with the AeroBed.  It is adaptable to different people's sleeping preferences, becoming very firm with a lot of air or staying soft and squishy with less air.  It does not lose air quickly, but for long stays, I would recommend refilling it each night before bedtime.

New York, NY


AeroBed Twin Guest Choice 0

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