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Cutting boards
Silicone Zone
Silicone Zone Color-Coded Flexible Cutting Boards Set

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Work great in a kitchen with less space.


I wasn't sure I'd like these when I got them. I'm used to big wooden cutting boards but the kitchen in my new apartment is tiny and I don't have a lot of storage or counter space so I try to save room wherever I can so I thought I'd try these out. So far I actually like these a lot, the color coding seems a bit useless because it seems like after using a board you should wash it well no matter what was on it but the designs are kind of fun. The only complaint is after a few times through the dishwasher the color is starting to wash off and it's gotten on some of my other dishes. However, they serve their purpose and don't take up a bunch of space like some boards. Ease of Cleaning Super easy because it isn't porous like wood but the pictures on the boards wash off after a few times in the dishwasher. Durability So far so good, I haven't broken it yet! Design The major design flaw is that the paint or whatever is used for the design washes off. I like the general size and shape of the boards though.



Tne perfect product to protect your entire family!


This product has my full endoresement from its price to its many uses. No more cutting boards to cross contaminate-these supply one for each item that is needed. The mats are ever so easy to wash , always at the ready to be used. Being color coded also help you use the right one when cutting or chopping. I have found these very acessible to purchase, even here in my small town.

Pocatello, ID


These are very handy cutting boards!


The Silicone Zone Color-Coded Flexible Cutting Boards Set is a wonderful addition to any kitchen where there is a lot of cutting and chopping to be done. There are four of them and they are color-coded for: Beef (Red), Poultry (Orange), Vegetables (Green) and Fish (Blue). I don't like fish, so I always use my blue cutting board for other various (non-meat) items such as cheese or chopping up chocolate and that seems to work out well for me. These boards do not move around on your counter while you're working because they have a non-slip backing, which is very nice. These boards can either be hand-washed or placed in the top rack of your dishwasher. Because of their size, at least in my dishwasher, this is a little awkward and they seem to lay over on top of everything else. I don't really mind this, but some people may not like it. Also, over time and use, the colorful design does come off. This happens either by knife or when washing them. Regardless, they are very handy cutting boards that I would recommend adding to your kitchen.

Independence, KS


by far the best cutting board i have ever used or seen


I adore this product. I have one at home and I just love using it. It is great! The only problems is that the product can melt in the dishwasher and wear down in the dishwasher. Other than that though it is great. In fact there really is no excuse to use a dishwasher with these. They are so simple to wash by hand takes only 15 seconds i would say. They are great!

Whittier, CA


Great and easy item to use


Hello This is a great product for the kitchen. I love the quick and easy use. Just a quick pull out of the cupboard and you are ready to use. I cleans up easy. It has saved my counters from getting all cut up from people cutting bread, veg, or even meat. This is a great product and I have also used them for my crafts. I had to share this great product info with you all so you to could have the enjoyment of having your own.

Apache Junction, AZ


Silicone Zone Color-Coded Flexible Cutting Boards Set

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