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Sherwin Williams
Sherwin Williams Shrink Free Spackling

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Spackling is a trusted friend!!


I have a small container of this Sherwin Williams shrink free spackling in a kitchen drawer. I just never know when I am going to have need of it to repair a hole in the wall that I might have created because I don't like where a picture was hung, or maybe I dropped something and it hit the wall and the wall needs repairing. I am notorious for hanging pictures and then not liking where they are placed. My husband told me once it looked like a machine gun had attacked one of the walls where I had hung a picture; of course that was after making many holes to get it "just right." Most of the time he does the honors so I don't have as many holes now but when I do have need of this special spackle, it does the job every time. It doesn't shrink into the hole and it is paintable. It has a slight smell but nothing offensive. This spackling comes in small eight ounce containers, as well as quarts and gallons. It is very easy to work with. It can be applied with a finger or a putty knife. I trust this brand of spackling because I know that it will do the job well. I highly recommend this brand and this spackling.

SmallTown, TX


Sherwin Williams Shrink Free Spackling

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