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Shaklee Vita-Lea with Iron

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The sorbitol gave me serious!!!! diahrea!!


Please let me know if there is a different ingredient than sorbitol!


Portland, OR


Great benefits horrible taste


With this product I get GREAT benefits from just one pill, but I have to say I hate the taste of the pill! My family doesn't mind it but I am sensitive to taste so I just swallow it with juice or even coffee. However, I will overcome the taste to take it because you really do get great benefits form it. You get your daily dose of your vitamin C, D and E, which is great coming from only one pill. Not to sound like a seller here, but it also helps with your immune, bone, heart, breast, skin, hair and nails health, which i think is awesome coming from only one pill and from a trusted company. I really like their products because I feel like I get the benefits I am suppose to get and it also helps out with physical energy which is something I am always looking for. It is a bit pricey for a bottle of 120 tables, but definitely I think is worth the money for the many benefits you are getting.


Antioch, IL


I don't know if I'd be alive without it.


I have used Vita-Lea for over 40 years. It came into my life when I was very ill and doctors never figured out what was wrong. After Vita-Lea, I have not gone to a medical doctor. I feed my body well and take my Shaklee nutrition and Vita-Lea is one of the basics. I'm sure Vita-Lea is at least partly responsible for my appearance. I'm 66 but often thought to be in my 30s or 40s. I use a lot of the Shaklee products, including the Enfuselle Skin Care. I became a Shaklee member to get the 15% discount.


Hernando, FL


Shaklee Supplements are the best!!!


I have been taking Shaklee vitamin supplements for 40 years. I wouldn't use any other brand. I almost never get sick and I am a smoker. I am not a distributor. I highly recommend these products. The quality is awesome. they are worth their weight in gold. I don't have health insurance because I would rather spend my money on good food, fruits and veggies and a good vitamin supplement regeme than on doctors and drugs. That is not to say that at some point we need doctors but I refuse to take a drug that the side effects make me worse off than the original ailment. I take my vitamins and eat right and I'm 48 and people can't believe it when I tell them how old I am. My mom is 83 yrs old and has been taking them most of her life and she looks and acts about 60 yrs old and does not nor has she ever been on any medications. Doctors are amazed when she goes in for a check up and they ask what perscriptions she is taking and when she responds "NONE" they just can't believe it. Contact a distributor, and work into a supplement program, you will feel better and you won't be sorry. Great investment into your health and well being. Oh yeah forgot to mention Vita-lee comes with and without iron.


Syracuse, NY


Great Multi-Vitamin that improved my energy level.


Shaklee Vita-Lea has improved my health. I have more energy and feel better than ever since I started take Vita-Lea several years ago. I take Vita-Lea multivitamins with iron everyday and have noticed a drastic change to my well-being. The vitamins and minerals are quality ingredients that make Shaklee a large improvement over other vitamins on the market. They are worth the money and I thank my sister, Diane, who is a distributor for introducing me to Shaklee. I would not feel as good as I do today without them. I was anemic and tired for years.


Pemberton, NJ


shaklee is a brand you can trust


I have been using Shaklee product, specifically the Vita-Lea vitamins for about nine years.  I was first introduced to the brand by a friend when I became pregnant with my first child.  I have been taking them ever since.  I have taken them during multiple pregancies with only positive results.  I chose to use the Vita-Lea with iron originally because I was pregnant, and have just kept using it.  I did join Shaklee just so I could get a discount on their products, but never went any further.  I find the Vita-Lea easy to swallow and really help me balance out my life by making sure I am getting the proper amount of vitamins daily.  I am rarely if ever ill and have not gone to the doctor for sickness in forever.  I can honestly say that I don't recall the last time I visited the doctor for being ill.  I take two Vita-Lea every morning AFTER I eat.  I love these vitamins and I feel they have helped keep me healthy for years!


Toledo, OH


Shaklee Vitamins are the best!


Ever since I had begun using Shakelee Vitaimins I have so much more energy and feel great!  My toenails grow now (I know gross) but they would always be stubby--now I have to trim them!!!   I feel they are an important aspect to why I am aging slowly.


Columbus, OH


Shaklee Vita-Lea with Iron

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