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Sauder Registry Row Panel TV Stand


Features a warm amber pine finish and riveted iron finish accents and matching hardware/

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Sauder impresses again!


We just moved and have decided to sell all of our old furniture and start brand new and Sauder is by far, the most used furniture brand in our home. It's the best quality for the prices and the same goes for the Sauder Registry Row Panel TV Stand. The only con to almost every Sauder product I've purchased is that there is usually at least one piece of hardware missing. It's always something small thank goodness, like a screw or peg; never anything major that affects the functioning of the item. With this specific purchase there were two pegs missing but I have learned to save extra pegs, screws etc from other hardware so no problem for me during assembly of this TV stand. I love the natural/primitive color of the wood. It matches with my living room color scheme perfectly. The TV, cable box, internet modem, dvd player, etc all have specific places to go on and in this stand and with ease. I love that the tempered glass doors and other safety features because they are extremely relevant and important to my family with having a small child running around the living room constantly. I have gotten many compliments already on the stand and highly recommend it to friends and family.




Quality Craftsmanship


I have always been a fan of Sauder wood furniture. The Suader company is located just a couple hours from my home, I am proud to purchase items made in the USA. I love my Sauder Registry Row Panel TV Stand. It was reasonably easy to assemble, the box was heavy but after getting it into the house and laying out all the pieces, it was easy to handle. The instructions are very detailed, including pictures, the only "difficult" part I had were aligning the hinges, however after I got them, it was smooth assembly. The interior shelves are adjustable, which I appreciate as I can customize them to hold the items I want to display and can easily change them for a new look. This holds up to a 42" TV, ours is a little smaller, but is centered and looks perfect on the stand. It is an elegant piece, with detailed corners and knobs to add to any room decor. The glass panels are sturdy, we have "tested" that a few times, with a ball bouncing off one, and just the use by my children in general. This is an easy to clean item, I just dust it with a dusting cloth and have used a damp cloth to remove sticky fingerprints with no problems. This Sauder TV Stand would be perfect in a family room, or an upscale apartment in the city. It is a great value that is made so it will last.




Sauder Registry Row Panel TV Stand

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