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Ashley Furniture
Ashley Furniture Leather Sofas

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Nice sofa set at a great price


I was looking for something to be my first furniture, that looked good and did not cost an arm and a leg. I went to Ashley thinking I will take a look and come back. But when I started seeing the couches, I was surprised. The styles, designs and the number of things they included in each sofa set at a flat price, was impressive. The couches were comfortable. I got one set of couch and love seat and also got accessories like rug, coffee table, side tables and lamps. The delivery was smooth. It has been a year since I own it, and I have never had any complaints. I use it well and it looks very impressive when I have guests. The seat may need fluffing up some times and they have a zip for it on the sides. The only thing I would have liked in it is temperature regulation. It feels cold in winter and hot in summer. Doesn't really stick to the skin, but at times I need to spread out my throw and sit on it, to feel more comfortable. Otherwise I have had no issues. Definitely recommended!

San Diego, CA


Comfortable and stylish


We bought the sofa and rocker recliner and are very happy with both.  The material is a leather bond so it wasn't as expensive but looks just as nice, and comes with the typical warranty.  The sofa is very comfortable and is long enough for my husband to stretch out, and we really like that the bottom cushions have velcro tabs to help them stay on the frame.  The rocker/recliner seems a bit small since it replaced our old chair and a half, but my husband finds it fits him well and he loves how it rocks.  It reclines back easily and stays in place with no problem.  I do find that is is a bit difficult for me to push the footrest back in--I have to stand to push it back with some force, but my husband doesn't have the same issues.  I'm guessing that it will loosen up a bit with age.  It is also not a space saver, so when reclined you have to make sure you have placed the chair so it won't hit your walls.

Chambersburg, PA


spill proof


Ashley furniture is my favorite furniture of all time. The sofa's are made of an incrediable material the keeps spills from soaking in to the furniture and can be wiped of so easyily. Also the design is bueatiful. And about goes with absolutty any and everything. The leather sofa is durible and will last forever even with hiper animals and children. The color choice is fantastic from reds to tans. I would recommend the ashley leather sofa or any ashley furniture to parents with messy children and pet owners. I love my sofa and would defiantly never go for any other brand then ashley. You can find ashley furniture just about anywhere too. I've found the sofa's at fred meyers, ikea, northshore design, and of course the ashley furniture store. The price's are totally worth the value and range from about 400 for a sofa i would estimate. So for all you messy people be sure to chose ashley over them other brands in order to have a lasting furniture.

Vancouver, WA


Ashley Furniture Leather Sofas

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