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Samsung Netbook PC

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Horrible Screen!


My husband got me this netbook around Fall 2009. It was working very well until 4 or 5 months of usage. The screen would turn white for a split second. It didn't bother me at first but as time went by, the white screen flashes became more and more frequent and eventually the white screen would not go away. Luckily, I had a month before the warranty expired so I called the company to take a look. I sent my netbook to Samsung for repair and since then I do not have that white screen problem. I later found out through forums that a lot of NC10 owners have this problem and it was very common. I was upset when I got my netbook back, I found a small chipped crack on the top of my screen (probably happened when they did the repair). I later called Samsung and they told me to send it back for a second time. It took them a month or more to get my computer fixed the first time and I did not want to be without a computer for another month or 2.


South Plainfield, NJ


AWESOME Netbook!!


I'm absolutely in love with this Netbook.  First off, the biggest concern for me is the percent of size that netbook keyboards are versus the tradional laptop keyboard.  Also, important are the key feedback and how many keys you actually get as part of the laptop.  This one is at 93% and features a nice sized trackpad and has a wristpad that is also very comfortable.  The Anti-glare screen is also a HUGE plus since most netbooks offer a glossy screen which I do not prefer.  Also, add in a 6-cell battery and 3 USB ports which is also huge since some netbooks only give you 1 or 2.  Another plus is that the netbook is indeed upgradeable to 2GB of memory which you can buy for very cheap on the internet.  I've shopped and researched other netbooks for a long time but this one by far is the best out there and we're going on two years strong.  Will definitely recommend another Samsung NC10 for anyone else looking.


Newark, DE


Samsung Netbook is fast, light, cute


I needed a notebook computer for my work. I work in a school and go from classroom to classroom providing counseling and support to at-risk kids. The Samsung Netbook is perfect as it is small and light, but powerful and fast. It accommodates my needs perfectly and I have started using it at home -- before I only used my desktop. Now the desktop seems way too big and clunky!


Earlysville, VA


I love my tiny dynamo pink netbook!


With a house full of computer users, I could never get online for more than 30 minutes at a time.  So, I purchased the Samsung NC10 Netbook laptop.  It's small but the keyboard keys are ample and easy to use -- I'm using it right now as a matter of fact!  It's so wonderful to have a totally portable mini laptop to cart around wherever I go.  I mainly use it to email and go online.  The battery life is incredible.  I only give it a FOUR STAR because the screen is a tad small which sometimes makes it difficult to maneuver.


Hudson, OH


Samsung Netbook PC

4.3 4