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HP 110 Netbook 10.1" Netbook (WQ811UAABA)

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Great small travel computer


I love my Hewlett Packard netbook. It is small enough to travel with very easily which was key when purchasing it because I wanted something that had a full keyboard but smaller size to fit right into my purse. This meets both of those requirements and still performs just as well as any other full size laptop or desktop computer. It does only come with one gigabyte of RAM but is expandable to two gigabytes of RAM which is the standard on most laptops. The battery life is very impressive for having a smaller size battery and recharges very quickly. It does not have as much storage space on the hard drive but that was to be expected and not a big deal since I have a two terabyte external hard drive where I store all my stuff. I mostly use this netbook for school and work. I am a photographer and do most of my editing and previewing with customers on this computer. It is light weight enough to take with me to all my sessions and client meetings. The screen is an adequate size too for a smaller device and I have no problem seeing anything on the display. The only things I would change about this is having a light up keyboard in poorly lit rooms, but other than that no complaints.



Love my pink notebook!


I have a custome pink and gray notebook and I love it! I have had it for three years now and it still runs like new and at a very high speed. The downfall is not having the excess hard drive, CD-Rom player, and you can't change the wallpaper. But, you get what you pay for. I use it strictly for schoolwork and have all of my papers saved, backed up to my email of course and another hard drive but it works great. I love how small and compact it is because it makes it so easy to travel with. Ease of Use Very easy to use, this would be a great product for those of all ages. Battery Life Great battery life! 5+hours with a full charge. It may be small but it is mighty. This is the huge advantage the small pc's have over the large laptops, the battery life lasts so much longer. Support & Service I haven't had a single issue yet so I really haven't had to use technical support yet. Speed/Performance Works fast and efficiently. It is a laptop so it depends on how good your wireless service is or where you are at and how many others are using the same server as well. Design Mine was custom pink and gray and I love it! I know there are other colors and styles as well. Durability This product is SO durable! I have been through some hard times with this between drops, spills, children throwing it, etc and it has been through it all with no major issues other than a small crack on the side but it's still going strong!



Great product that gets the job done.


Hp to me has always had good products and for me i already have a personal pc but i wanted to get something for the go. Now this is a great addition to what you might already have, its small fairly light weight and its something you can take on the go either for travel, work, or to someones house so you can be entertained its a good value for it power. Ease of Use Its of great value and has all the new hardware software implements in it already so you are ready to go. Battery Life Battery life is about 3-8 hours not bad. It charges quick also so that is a big plus. Support & Service Has all the latest features you can expect from a new laptop and you can always upgrade or add additional warranty which i suggest you do on big purchases you never know. I say its better to be safe then sorry dont be cheap. Speed/Performance Speed and performance is pretty good again it all depends on the internet service you have available to you the better you have the faster it will go. Design Looks sleek and nice shining and compact design . Durability Its a good product had it for a few months no problems so far.

Bronx, NY


not worth the money


The hp 110 laptop is not worth the money. It does not come with Microsoft word installed. We have Cox high speed Internet but this laptop goes very slow. As you scan over items it pulls up webpages you did not click on. We have had to purchase power cords twice because they do not last very long.This seemed like a bargain at first but now it is more a nightmare and we have 3 of these in the house.We have replaced cords for all 3 and the batteries do not last long either. The price seemed right for this product, but it freezes on faccebook and we have to keep restarting it. I would not recommend this computer to anyone. Ease of Use not very much Battery Life poor

Roanoke, VA


Cool design, poor performance


I always thought HP's looked like some of the coolest laptops out there, second only to some of the alienware and asus computers. I bought this computer, which is fairly high end, but still didn't perform half as well as a low end toshiba. I looked at the specs for this computer as well as some statistics about HP's only to find out that HP's were the most overpriced per amount of processing speed, and they had one of the highest failure rates within the first year. Sure enough, by the end of my first year using it, it basically burned itself. Most of the software on the HP's for 'entertainment' were very poorly made and hard to use. Almost completely incompatable with any HP printers, and did terrible playing any games, even with the graphics all the way turned down. Tl;dr: Cool design poor performance. I really wish I could put all the processing speed and performance from the asus that I have now, into the design of an HP computer.

Clayton, NC


This HP Netbook is worth the money!


I got my HP netbook as a chrismas present over a year ago, and it's still kicking like I just got it! I can handle a lot of my complex programs that I run that use a good amount of RAM. I guess the only real thing I have the most trouble trying to side with is the size of the hard drive, I mean ONLY 160GB really!? I had to buy an external hard drive to store most of my important data on. Other than that, It's a great piece of machinery, really lite, and portable. I'd recommend this little netbook to anyone on the go, and has a fast paced life.

Charlotte, NC


Above average netbook


HP netbooks are pretty good and above average compared to the rest of the netbooks in the same category.  They are pretty fast, responsive and come pre-loaded with "instant-on" functionality which is what I liked the best about these netbooks.  Photos, music, web, chat programs are available instantly without having to load full Windows OS which can take much longer.  The Intel Atom processor works great for daily activities but is certainly not recommended for heavy duty tasks such as modeling, simulations, etc.  The netbook is extremely portable, lightweight compared to full fledged laptops and are therefore very convenient to carry on vacations and other long trips.  The screen is awesome and hard drive, memory, etc are adequate for average users.  I have been extremely satisfied with my purchase and would definitely recommend this to others looking for netbook computers.  Do check them out!

Hillsboro, OR


Love this little PC!


I am so satisfied with the purchase of this little netbook. It is lightweight and easy to use. It has speed and with a 120 gig hard drive tons of memory that you wouldn't expect from such a small computer. It is definitely worth the money I paid for it! I had to send mine to HP for repair when the monitor was damaged, it was still under warranty and they sent me all that I needed to send it back to them for repair and it cost me nothing to have it fixed.

New Port Richey, FL


HP 110 Netbook 10.1" Netbook (WQ811UAABA)

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