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Blu-Ray Player
Samsung Blu-Ray Player

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This Blu Ray sold me on blu rays!


When we bought our Samsung TV, we received the Samsung - BD-P1600 Blu-Ray Player also included in the package. Honestly, I would not have bought it by itself. However, now that I have had a taste of the Blu Ray, I'm not sure I could live without it! I LOVE that I am able to get Netlix on it and also Pandora. What a great feature. It is easy enough to navigate through that my 5 year old can figure out how to use it. One thing that I do not like is that in certain kinds of weather, it doesn't seem to work as well. Though I am not sure if this is a problem with the blu ray player or with our particular wireless network. Also, it seems a bit slow moving, but again, this may be because of our wireless network and not a problem of the blu ray player. At any rate, I am so glad that we have the Samsung - BD-P1600 Blu-Ray Player and now that I know what it has to offer, I would gladly pay for it.


Wichita, KS




Good bluray player, good deals could be found untils last year. But its successor proved to be far better. At first, I did like the design, with its long stretched front cover. But eventually it reminded me my old Sharp VCR. In fact in this bluray player was worse, having to open the cover to even use main buttons, keep it open to use the USB front port. But I recognize that Samsung did a nice job with its successor C-5500 in terms of design. Youtube navigation was a good spot from Samsung, but the final result, watching them in HDTV screens is poor. Streaming 720p content from youtube led to better results, but there is room for improvements. Bluray discs playback runs as should be...or should run (?) there are exception for some discs with serious incompatibility issues. The combination of price and resources made this model an good option for a long time. But now, we have better options from LG and even newer models from Samsung for affordable prices.


Beverly Hills, CA


Not bad for the money


Bought this for the wireless access for movies etc... however, very disappointed because my router doesn't transfer data fast enough so the movies are stalled and jumpy.  I wish they would have better information as to what style router works best, now I must upgrade my wireless router, 


Hartland, WI


Blu Ray quality is awesome/Love built in Netflix and Pandora


We are nothing but thrilled with our Samsung Blu Ray DVD Player. It is the penultimate component addition to our Samsung LED television. The DVD player itself is fabulous. It works great with both blu ray and conventional DVD's. Blu Ray is cool, but perhaps a little overrated. If they had just told us in the store that the machine had Netflix on demand and Pandora, we would have bought three. The streaming Pandora radio is just fabulous. It syncs up seamlessly with my other Pandora accounts on my iPhone and iMac. The Netflix On Demand, or Watch Instantly, is nothing short of amazing. It's so good that we are thinking of canceling our direct TV service. The You Tube feature is fabulous as well. We are able to watch videos that other family members have uploaded of their children with ease on our big screen. I would highly recommend this DVD player to anyone. You just get so much for your money with the extra features. 


Fort Lauderdale, FL


the samsung bd-p1600 was everything promised.


I bought the bd-p1600 with netflix in mind and have been very satisfied.  The unit is easy to set up and to operate.  The picture from blueray and conventional dvds is great on my hd tv.  It works smoothly with netflix and has given me hours of movie watching during a rehab from surgery.  Now it keeps me out of the 90 degree days we have had.  For the money it was a great deal.


Barberton, OH


The Samsung Blue-Ray BD-P1600 is one of the best for the price.


The operation is very simple and instructions are such that a first grader could follow them  --- if read first. The picture is out of this world quality and the sound is equally good making this one of the best players available in todays market, for the price.


Linden, TX


Everything blu-ray technology needed


This has been a great product.  It connects to the internet and streams movies very quickly and easily and has great transmission of DVDs and Blu-Ray discs.  I am a user of netflix and you can stream movies right through this blu-ray player without having to configure the internet connection or doing anything except hooking it up to a router or ethernet port.  It can also recieve a wireless connection via a USB drive. I also really love how well it configures with my television with very little effort.  Now the picture is what really sets this blu-ray player apart from all the others.  The picture it presents is very clear and crisp and the sound is also very good.  Even if you did not have an high definition television, you would be able to enjoy this blu-ray players (but a high definition television will give you the full benefits and applications of this blu-ray player).  This is really one of the premier blu-ray players out there.


North Richland Hills, TX


Samsung Blu-Ray Player

4.3 7