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Safety 1st
Safety 1st Acella Sport Travel System Jogger

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Overall a decent travel system


This travel system is mainly very nice... there are a few things i didnt like...but alot i do like. The pros for the car seat are definetly the neutral colors, it works well for a boy or girl (we have a girl and hope to use it again if we have another girl or boy)! there fabric is really really nice and washes very well, even spot cleaning is very easy!!! the base is easy to install and comes in black and gray (we have one of each as we have black leather in one car and gray in the other car). its also fairly light to carry, and easy to work the buckles!! The infant insert is also nice. The cons for the car seat are that the visor is pretty flimsy, and the handle makes a really loud click when you put it up to carry it, which can wake your slepping baby(we figured out to hold in the buttons on the side til it is in place then let them go which pretty much remedies this issue). The pros for the stroller are that it is three wheeled and moves very smoothly, it is also good for jogging since the front wheel locks to be stationary. The fabic is the same as the car seat and washes well also. Decent size basket underneath.its also pretty light weight and compact. the cup holders are also good. The cons to the stroller are that it doesnt sit up straight enough, even at the highest incline my daughter still leans back and gets frustrated and tries to sit up straight. overall a decent travel system but i am going to purchase another light weight storller that sits up straighter!


Canton, OH


Safety 1st Acella travel system very convenient


I bought the Safety 1st Acella Travel system for our son becuase it has a nice stroller and car seat that were able to be attached to make travel with a new baby super easy. I loved that I could just snap his car seat into the strap in base that stayed in the car quickly and easily and then into the stroller when we went out, especailly in the winter with out having to expose him to the cold. We are still using the stroller almost 3 years later and a friend is still using the car seat so it has held up great. The down sides of this set were that the buckle on the car seat is difficult to latch when your baby gets bigger since you have to line up the 2 top pieces and then fit them into the bottom piece that is then half under his bottom with out the 2 top pieces coming un aligned!! I also wish that the infant seat had a higher weight limit, though it is in the common range, so that we would not have had to go out and buy another rear facing seat since our son was under 1 year when he out grew the weight limit for this seat.


Negaunee, MI


Acella Sport Travel System - Great Stroller, Terrible Carseat


We purchased this travel system over the internet without ever having seen it in person.  We lived in Europe at the time and our choices were limited, due to shipping restrictions.  My husband really wanted something other than the ubiquitous Graco that everyone on base owned.  We liked the idea of the jogging stroller, but also wanted a travel system.  We didn't want to have to worry about using some sort of adapter since we'd seen a few that seemed shaky at best.  The Acella was great in that way. The stroller itself is very nice.  It steers well (although it does take a bit to get used to), folds easily, the parent tray is just fine.  We didn't use the baby tray since our daughter is pretty short and it sat right at her eye level.  The basket under the stroller wasn't huge, but it worked just fine for us. The carseat, however, was a nightmare.  I did the research and it is safe.  But that's where the positives end.  Our daughter seemed seriously uncomfortable in it (she screamed every time we put her in the car - but it could be that maybe she just hated car rides). I had read during my research that the clasp was really hard to do, but I ignored it.  I shouldn't have.  It was near impossible to get the harness snapped.  You have to hold two parts together with one hand while snapping the buckle with the other.  It's hard to explain, but it's so, so hard to do.  I was the only one who could ever do it.  Adjusting the restraints was also really hard.  You actually have to take the carseat out of the car and turn it upside down to adjust it.  Not something you want to be doing every time the weather changes and your child is in heavier or lighter clothes than the day before. All in all, if we have another baby we will be spending the extra money on a different carseat.  It's worth it.


North Pole, AK


Great Travel System for the Price!


We received the Safety 1st Acella Sport Travel System as a baby shower gift from my sister-in-law.  This systems comes with a stroller that can be used from infancy to toddler age. The 3 wheel style makes it very easy to manuver on rough roads and uneven sidewalks.  I still use the sroller portion for my almost 2 year old with plenty of room to spare. The careseat portion that it comes with can easily be snapped into the stroller, so no taking the baby out of the careseat to transfer her to the stroller.  I absolutely love that about this travel system.  Unfortunately your baby will outgrown the carseat portion of this system probably within a year.  I do have to mention that the buckles on the carseat are rather a pain.  They tend to twist quiet often.  You also have to hold the 2 buckles together in order to secure it into the latch, making it a little trying when you have a wiggle worm. The third piece of this travel system is the carseat base that you can permenantly keep in your car.  The base allows you to remove the careseat with ease without having to fiddle with buckles.  It easily and securely latches into place! Compared to other travel systems, this one is on the inexpensive side which was the main reason we put in on our gift registry.  Don't expect lots of frills or extraordinary features to this system.  But all in all, it's an excellent value for the price and definitely one I would recommend. ********


Sayville, NY


Has the most annoying buckle


I bought this travel system because I liked the sporty design. After my baby was born I realized how annoying the buckle is! You have to hold 2 pieces together like a puzzle piece and click them in together. I found a way to do it with one hand while holding the buckle with the other hand but my husband and mother get really annoyed by it and often give up and ask me to do it. The visor on the carseat is very flimsy. The slightest breeze will blow it off. I love the stroller though. I have a mid sized car (Sunfire) and I can fit the stroller in my trunk easily and still get groceries on either side with no problem. I like the 3 wheeled design and all the cupholders. It holds my 500mL water bottle! The storage on the bottom holds alot too, considering its a smaller stroller. I can fit my huge diaper bag down there. Over all, I think it is OK. I will be upgrading my baby into a infant/child convertible before she outgrows this carseat though. I like the features on other carseats like the tension harness tightening. It just makes it easier for when she has a jacket on. The stroller is great and I will keep using it until I no longer need it.


Beverly Hills, CA


Safety 1st Acella Sport Travel System Jogger

3.4 5