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SYNC - Syncmyride

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LOVE the SYNC System, Clear, Concise & Easy!


I own a Ford Edge with Sync My Ride GPS technology. I absolutely love the touch screen as well as the voice recognition that goes with it. We have traveled from Utah, Texas and California, it has never missed one direction! It even tells you the speed limit on your route, which has been really helpful to me. Make sure you always say "set as destination" when you get to the end, that's the only mistake I've ever made while using it! Processing Speed Its really fast, as long as you get the updates. They only happen a few times a year and it is still fast without them! Map Quality & Accuracy I love the maps! I have never had it miss one turn! Ease of Use The voice recognition is great, its super easy!

Carlsbad, CA


Keeps me from getting lost!!


When we purchased our vehicle, it came with a system called sync. I was under the impression that it was only to pair my cell phone so that when I was in my vehicle, my phone calls could be answered through that system installed on my car. It is so much more though, as I am finding out. After registering with sync my ride, you can get all kinds of information regarding traffic alerts, weather, music channels and best of all, it is a navigation system. It is very user friendly. After engaging the system, follow the voice prompts that are given and the system will compute your route and audibly tell you where to go. It is so much easier than the gps that was also installed on the car. There are no buttons to push. Because I have a navigation system on the car, the sync system works with that system and displays the desired route so I can see and hear the directions. I highly recommend syncmyride.

SmallTown, TX


SYNC - Syncmyride

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