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Garmin eTrex Legend HCx Personal Navigator

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Perfect for Geocaching


I started Geocaching using a regular car GPS. Since this kind of GPS doens't show coordinates very easily, it was really hard to do. So I got this GPS as a Christmas gift in 2008, and I'm still in love with it! I saw that it's one of the cheapest GPS you can buy from Garmin, but is everything I need! It's good sized (5.5 oz, 2.2 " x 1.2 " x 4.2 "), and is really resistant: I drop it all the time, and get it wet with snow, and never had any problems with it. Also, it have a built-in antenna, and unless I'm in the middle of really thick woods, or in the middle of New York, where a lot of things mess up with the signal, it's very accurate. The screen is colored, 256 colors, and you can control the brightness of it. Is also sun-readable. It comes with a base map which is enough for hiking and geocaching (contains lakes, rivers, cities, interstates, national and state highways, railroads and coastlines). It doens't measure the altitude all the time like the better models, but it gives you the altitude in a waypoint for example. And also, it comes with a specific function for Geocaching, just showing the caches on your way, not all the waypoints. It does have a calendar, sunrise and sunset times, best time for fishing, some simple but really fun games for when you are bored (it doesn't happen often, but you can always use it during bus trips...). And it have a very nice travel computer, that you personalize the fields to use what fits you better (max speed, avg speed, time at destination, estimated travel time, heading, mileage, etc.), wich I use all the time. You can also save your tracks. You can also download a program from Garmin.com called Garmin Road Trip, where you can upload all your tracks and waypoints to your computer, so you can empty the GPS memory whenever you need, and still keep track of all your trips. The program is free. I love this GPS and I wouldn't trade it for nothing!


Boise, ID


Very handy device!


I won one of these devices in a contest and was quite happy with it. I have often wondered how Garmin will stay relevant with GPS being available on smart phones, but tracking/locating devices like this will ensure that there will always be a need for the product. Like most Garmins, it boasts a broad range of tools and features. I also found that is was fairly easy to use, which was nice because I don't have a lot of prior experience with GPS units. The plastic construction felt a little flimsy, though I never had any problems with it. I guess it's just good to note that if had to endure some intense use, it may have problems down the line. I would recommend this device to anyone who has specific need for it. If you're just looking for a basic GPS, maybe you should just use a more basic program on your smart phone.


Alpine, UT


This is a great Garmin eTrex Legend Hcx 2.1 in. Handheld GPS Rec


This is a great **Garmin eTrex Legend Hcx 2.1 inch Handheld GPS Receiver.  I have had this portable GPS for about 4 years and use it for geocaching (electronic treasure hunting). It is a wonderful, reliable handheld unit. This is easy to use and learn about. I have not used all the bells and whistles on this one, but love how it works. The only problem I have had with this unit is that it randomly switches from the gps seeking screen, to a single vertical line.  To remedy this problem, you need to turn off this unit and then restart and let it sync up with the satellites again.  I have had this experience with 2 other exact same units that I used while teaching my Geocaching class at summer camp so it is a design flaw somehow that makes you reboot the unit to continue on. This doesn't happen every time, but probably once every ten times. I would still recommend this unit. It is in black and white.  I have just upgraded to a new Magellen unit that comes in color. This is nice because you can see where the water is because of the blue color. **


Slatington, PA


A Geocaching Must Have


I'm very pleased with my purchase of the Garmin eTrex Legend HCx.  I upgraded from the Legend to this device.  It serves my purposes well for Geocaching every day (hopefully).  The battery life is great, I've had to replace batteries about once a month since purchase.  The ease in connectivity with my computer really has impressed me the most.  I would recommend this device for any geocacher, from novice to advanced.


Tyrone, GA


Thid GPS is vert good for entry level


This is a very good entry level GPS it is not the top of the line model that Garmin puts out but none the less is of good quality. My advice if you are going to use it to Geocache it should be fine.If it is going to be used for more serious navigating spend the extra money and but one of the better models from Garmin one with a color screen and a barometric altimeter and better compass. the better models also have better memory. 


Fort Worth, TX


Good Value


Back in 2002, I had purchased the previous model of the etrex Legend. I used it for Geocaching and simple navigation in my local area. My biggest disappointment with the original was extremely poor performance under any kind of tree canopy. I was very pleased to see a continuation of this line from Garmin. The HCx model adds a high sensitivity receiver, color screen and expandable memory for addtional mapping options. A 2GB memory card holds the entire USA detailed road maps from Garmin. Also there are a number of free topo and road maps available on the Internet. For Geocaching, it can only load up the basic information and up to 32 characaters of the hint but it is a very reliable and accurate unit. It works best heand flat in your hand and is a comfortable fit there.USB trasfers with the included mini USB cable are quick and easy though some map transfers take a long time. Battery life is excellent. The only real con for me is the lack of true paperless Geocaching.


Bridgeport, NE


Garmin Legend HCx, can't be beat despite having to buy maps


You will have a hard time beating a Garmin in general, no matter what kind of GPS it is, but especially when it comes to small hiking handhelds like this. Sure, you it's a big downside to have to buy maps for it, as it's loaded with just the basic maps of the US (and in some cases you don't need to buy any maps for it).  But with the good price and the quality, and the speed of which it acquires sats even during cloudy and overcast days - you can't beat it. Someone mentioned that Garmin's topo maps aren't very good.  This doesn't seem the case for me, but if you want some better topo maps for free check out http://www.gpsfiledepot.com/ and you will find lots of free topo and other maps.  The ones for New York State are very detailed and very nice, and they're free! If you're looking for road (routing) maps then you will have to pay for them.  But you can get them either on DVD or on memory card, and even get lifetime maps if needed.  The road ones are worth it if you use this unit for navigating the road too. For hiking you'll find almost every conceivable options and settings and detail, I've had mine for years and still occasionally find something new. You can add new waymarks, use it for routing on the road as well as straight-line, the battery life is phenomenal and you can even measure distance and area, do Geocaching, and use the advanced odometer and trip options.  A day/night mode, hunting and fishing help, a Geocaching database, sorted waymarks, etc are included too.  You can even search by address if needed, or by cross-roads. The unit itself is somewhat waterproof (you don't want to hold it underwater but if you drop it just wipe it off and continue on without worry), and has a very good three setting backlight, and comes with a lanyard for carrying.  I bought an armored case for mine with a belt clip, but Garmin sells a number of cases or you can use a generic one from another company.  There is also a mount you can get for putting a bike, or you can use a standard cellphone mount in your car or on your bike. Accuracy is high for the most part.  The display is bright but fairly small, if you're using it in the car it may need to be fairly close. There are numerous proximity warnings if needed, along with more options than I can list.It's small, accurate, easy to use with both or one hand. And the unit is durable and well-made.  You can insert a memory card into it under the waterproof battery cover, and there is also a place to plug a USB interface cable (included) to transfer data between it and the included Mapsource, or any of a number of other programs you can download or buy. It can't be beat, even with having to buy the maps and it's small size.


Watertown, NY


Good for what its designed for


I've owned a handful of the eTrex line from Garmin, including two of the Legends. If you keep in mind what these are intended for, then it's a good buy. I started geocaching with an eTrex in 2000 and have used one since then for geocaching, climbing, canyoneering, caving etc. It's light weight, and durable. One of my friends dropped his eTrex in a pool in a slot canyon, couldn't retrieve it. Months later it showed up in the mail. It had washed out in a flash flood and someone booted it up, looked at the contact info and mailed it back. It still functioned fine! That being said, I have had various issues with the units breaking (the reason I've owned so many of them). Because I like the unit, I keep getting a new one. But I've learned to buy from a company that will allow me to return it when it breaks, so I don't keep putting money down the drain. These will typically get you less than 20 feet away from the way point. They haven't steered me wrong dropping into remote slot canyons in Utah. I wouldn't use it for driving. Too small of a screen and too hard to see while driving.


Lehi, UT


This is the one I keep coming back to!


I have had numerous handheld GPSrs and this is the one I keep coming back to. As a rock climber/rappeller, I am very hard on my GPS units and this one seems to withstand the trials I put it through the best.   It is very user friendly and comfortable.  The unit itself is accurate and I love the geocaching features it has.   The only thing I DO NOT like about it is that the rubber gasket that surrounds it tends to come off.  This is a problem that is easily fixed with either crazy glue or a repair kit sent for free from Garmin. Tech support and any other issues are handled easily, quickly and efficiently by Garmin. For geocaching, this is an ideal device for first timers, but also a great device for "pros" (I have over 2000 finds and still prefer this unit).   The cost is reasonable and I would prefer this over the "not well recepted" Colorado and the very expensive and pain in the neck to use Oregon.  


Absecon, NJ


My GPS is a gift of freedom


This is my third personal GPS experience. It is also the cheapest one I have purchased. It has been my favorite my far. It is always reliable and more acurate then the others. It works in cloud cover and in sometree areas. Heavy trees is can become sluggish. I have lost signal only during a downpour that was so intense I could not find the car. I use this GPS for geocaching and it almost always gets me right to it. I have used it while driving as well and it keeps up great. I even caught my husband speeding one time! Great device.


Saint Cloud, MN


Garmin eTrex Legend HCx Personal Navigator

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