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DVS Pink Fetish
SPLAT Hair Color Complete Kit, Pink Fetish,

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Could be better


This product faded out of my hair fairly quickly and turned to a light pinkish grayish color. I would say it was vibrant pink for about a week so two washes before it started to fade. I also wouldnt recommend sleeping on a good pillow case. Oh and dont get caught in the rain or you will have pink droplets running down your face.


Western New York


Bright and Long Lasting


I used this when I decided I wanted to dye all my hair a wild color one summer fresh out of highschool. The bleaching process was okay, but applying the actual color got a bit messy. Other than that, though, the product was pretty self-explanatory and easy to use. And the color lasted FOREVER. Even the next year when I went to have my hair professionally done, there were still some pretty prominent streaks of pink in my hair.


South Carolina


Lasts the longest of any Splat color I have used


I have used many of the different Splat color, as I love this brand. Using the bleach first will give you the most vibrant color. However, I have also used just the color for touch ups. From what I have researched, if you seal the color bottle well so it doesn't dry out you can use it over and over. I have done this and although It does not stay as long as when you bleach it, it still helps to touch up. Of all the colors I have used, the pink has stayed in the longest, by far. And if you are looking for bold colors then this is a great product. The only negative I have, is that it will stain everything and it is hard to get out. I have a few tshirts I just use for dyeing my hair. And I have learned to cover everything around me, like bathroom sink, etc. I have used several different Splat colors and although the pink lasted the longest, I have not been disappointed with any of the colors. And compared to other bleaches you use in kits, I find that this one is slightly gentler opn hair.


Hudson, NY


Very pleased with the results! Color stuck around a while!


I love to color my hair using Splat hair coloring kits. The kits are easy to use (it comes with bleach!!) and the color DOES LAST, as long as you rinse with cool water, wash 1-2 times a week, and avoid heat (there's a ton of tips out there). Joico Red Sham/Cond. helped very well, in that it made my pink hair look "sharper."


Marion, IA


Stained my skin and dripped when I sweat but ok....


Super bright vibrant colors and choice. Last forever. If you get it on your skin it scalp it stains badly and last forever. Also kind of drips when you're sweating for the first few days. Color remover from your local beauty shop helped me the most to remove it. The blue was super hard to remove when I wanted to change to a new color. I still continue to use splat for my bright hair colors. I have used almost all the splat for brunette colors.




Love the color


Very vibrant color and simple to do


Teresa, Harrisonville,PA


Bright color


I love how simple this is to use ! The directions are easy to understand, the bleach kits works well to my surprise. I have natural dark brown hair almost black and the bleach kit lighten it to a golden blonde color ! It did not burn my scalp to my surprise, it is easy to wash out, and when you fry your hair it doesn't leave your hair dry feeling or damaged. The pink color will stain so wear something you don't mind getting stain up. The pink color smells fruity and the color took to the blonde very fast and well. Once you wash it out, it turns out very bright and vibrant. The color will bleed for a few washes so don't freak out if it does and always dry your hair before getting dressed or going to bed to avoid it bleeding into stuff. To make the color last always wash with cold water (just a little tip)


Statesboro, Ga


Cute color


I used this product just to try something different without going permanent. I loved the color and it lasted 10 shampoos. Great product!




SPLAT Hair Color Complete Kit, Pink Fetish,

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