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SPI - Video MP3 Player

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SPI -Video mp3 Player - good quality for the price.


I don't personally own one, but I know a bit about mp3's and have helped a friend extensively with their Spi Video mp3 player. I have done everything from setting it up to loading it with music and here are the pros and cons: Pros: Lightweight. Durable (for an mp3 player). Small. Easy to navigate, once you become accustomed to it.  The SPI video mp3 player comes with earphones, a USB cable and an easy to understand manual. It has folders for different music and you can easily add new folders for new playlists/music. Along with showing photos and videos, this mp3 also records on-demand. This is a handy feature that you may not find in every mp3. Cons: The battery life isn't very long. But, it is not short enough that someone shouldn't seriously consider it. I have to convert all of the music I am going to put in it to the simple mp3 format (if they are not already that type). This has been easy enough for me, though. I go through iTunes, which gives you the option to change the format of any of your music (to mp3) if you right-click the selected songs and click "Convert to mp3 format." All in all, this is a pretty good little mp3 for the price!

Bennington, VT


Great product


  Great screen display even though it is 1 1/2 inches big.  2GB memory is a good size for songs and a couple of movies. Easy to transfer movies and music too.  It also works with windows vista (a rare electronic).  Have recommended to my family and friends already.   I like it and my husband loves it. 

Lake Worth, FL


SPI - Video MP3 Player

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