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Creative Technology
Creative Technology - Zen Vision M - 30G MP3 Player

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Equal to and much cheaper than an iPod


Same options as the iPod of comparable capacity, etc. and lots cheaper.  I've never had an iPod but I'm not really a fan of Apple products due to the seeming restrictions of seen which others go through.  Creative's product is much more user friendly, similar to any portable jump drive or plug and play product.  I've very satisfied and happy with my purchase.  But be careful the beautiful shiny screen will scratch VERY easily so I'd definitely recommend using the carrying bag that comes with it. 


Plano, TX


A solid, cheaper alternative to the overpriced iPod.


This is a really good mp3 player. It has 30 gigs, which is more than enough space. The video quality is amazing, it can easily rival the iPod. I have over 600 songs on it and 7 episodes of Family Guy and 2 full length movies and I'm not even using half of the space You should definately check it out and take a look at it.


Olive Branch, MS


This is one great product, worth every penny


I bought this almost a year ago.  I use it daily.  I love the fact it plays mp3's plus fm radio.  If I run out of mp3's that I have loaded it, I just use the radio a while.  This is one of the best purchases I have made in a long time, got it in pink so I just love it that much more.  It is a great product.


Mc Donald, TN


Great with some minor problems


I have had this for about 1 year and it is a great MP3. It does have a tendancy to freeze a bit too much. The screen is large with the capability of storing quite a few photos and has a great slideshow feature. The screen scratches pretty easy but if you get the case for it that takes care of that problem.


South Plainfield, NJ


Great value for what I paid.


I have to admit I have not spent a huge amount of time figuring out the specifics of my new Zen, but it was farily easy to get it synced to my computer and get my music on there - which was the most important thing for a daily train commuter like myself.  There is tons of storage - I can probably get my whole collection on here (where i get around to it).  The display is customizable and i love my bamboo theme.  Also, getting pictures stored on the Zen is easy.  The only problem so far has been trying to get my beloved Red Dwarf Divx files playing on it, but this may be because i'm not terribly technologically minded.  But in general a great deal and I'm very happy with it.  It is a little bulky, which is do not mind, but others might. 


Atlanta, GA


Movies, music/podcasts, and pictures make this excellent!


I bought the Creative Zen 30Gig because it holds all my music, my favorite movies, and all of my favorite photos.  I found it very easy to use from the start which is important to me.  I have owned my Zen for about 8 months and never had any problems with it, so am not sure about the customer service since I haven't needed it.  I love my Zen.  The picture quality is much better than I expected from a handheld device that is primarily for music use.  Same for movie quality.  I had no skips in the movie and it ran perfectly.  Sound quality is great but I didn't care for the earbuds and bought a different pair.  I like that you can customize the colors, mine is pink, and you can buy lots of accessories as well.  Overall I really like the Zen and think it is a great value for the price.  I much prefer this over any of Apple's Ipods.  It holds lots of info but is still very portable.  I have since bought one as a gift for a friend and have recommended to others. 


Wahiawa, HI


The Best MP3 Player Out There


This is one of the best MP3 players on the market, it can use so many more video and audio formats than the Ipod or Zune, it is compadible with most formats.  It is easy to use and very reliable, I have only had it freeze up on me once in a year.  It has a a lot of space for a pretty good price.


Waconia, MN


Great audio / video / interface / screen... you name it!


I've had this Vision:M player for a little over a year now and it has been great.  Before this player, I had a creative labs 512kb player and was looking for an upgrade.  After some research and some hands-on experience with iPod, I wanted one that had a higher rating.  After lots of time researching, this one was one in the list (among 2 other players).  Honestly, I decided to jump on this thing because of the deal on it at the time.  I figured I couldn't go wrong since it was one of CNET's editor's rated players.  The player itself is great.  The sound is definitely better than most other players.  I noticed that the highest volume setting is not as high as others, but who really turns their player that high besides teenagers who want to be deaf or just want some attention?  The sound output is adequate for headphones.  I actually don't even have to go to the higher spectrum to get great sound.  The video is also amazing.  I have uploaded animated and live action movies and enjoy the images on the screen.  I don't have any problems watching them on the screen.  One of the last vids I watched was of Avatar and couldn't believe the colors.  They appeared vibrant.  The user interface on this player is very straightforward.  It was not hard to navigate through the menu without having to look at the manual.  It took as little as 2 minutes to figure out how to start slideshows, change settings, etc.I especially like the addition of the letters when browsing through files.  This is very helpful when scrolling through large libraries of music.  It took less time than having to scroll through all the letter to find the artist whose name started with an "M" for example.Out of the box, I didn't even bother opening the headphones as I've read reviews stating nothing extraordinary about them.  I decided to immediately upgrade to Sony fontopias and a Shure e4c headphones. I can't really make a comment about the included headphones.The manual is rather skimpy.  Addition information I needed were gathered through their website or message forums.  I also use the Creative software to browse through the files, edit tags, and convert video.  I haven't tried WMP, but it is appealing to have the album art automatically displayed.  One gripe I have with this is the adapter that is needed to transfer files and charge the player.  It's a minor nuisance to have to carry this around with you if you want to connect the player to the PC.Although this is not directly related to the player, I have to add that the Creative manufacture warranty has been great.  My player died on me suddenly and contacted customer service.  After a few emails stating the condition and information, they told me to send it back.  I promptly received a new one and have been happy ever since.  Congrats to Creative and you have made a follower of me.


Basking Ridge, NJ


I love it!


Pros: I don't have any regrets about buying this product.  I got it on sale for a great deal and it was worth every penny.  It has an FM tuner with preset stations you can program.  There is also a microphone on it.  I use it to record my professor's lectures in my classes, it works better than my digital voice recorder.  I have movies, photos, audio books, and thousands of songs on my ZEN M.  I'm happy with the sound quality and picture quality. Cons:  it's heavier than it's ipod equivalent.  The touchpad and keys take some getting used to.  The screen would be better if you were able to adjust the brightness for movies.  The program for the zen to convert movies doesn't work very well.  Not very much offered on the Creative labs website for support or music/video options.  Other than that, I'm perfectly happy with it. 


Syracuse, UT


This is the top of the line in MP3 player!!!!


I LOVE THIS PLAYER!!!!  I can download movies, music and more!!!!  I download the ZENCast and watch them from work!  It can be a little difficult to get started but the Tech Support is GREAT!!!! Since it is a hard-drive base palyer I would recommend calling Creative and getting the extended warrenty!  DON'T BUY THE STORE WARRENTY!!!! They usually start after the 1 year warrenty and if something happend and you do need to send it in after 90 day you have to pay....If you have the Creative warrenty you are covered for 2 YEARS!!!! FREE TECH SUPPORT TOO!!!!!


Stillwater, OK


Creative Technology - Zen Vision M - 30G MP3 Player

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