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Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Shed

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Great for Storage, not for Wear and Tear


We have lived in the house we are at currently for a long time. As a result, we have put a lot of work into our yard. This requires a lawn mower, leaf blower, trimmer, and anything else you can think of. We ran out of room in our garage, and needed a place to put our lawn tools. We quickly ran to the store and found this, so we bought it. Assembly was prompt, although it cause a little bit of tension. It was pretty easy to put our stuff inside of it, and it was pretty roomy too. I'd say at least 2 normal sized people could comfortably stand it this while it is closed. There is a place to put a lock, which is handy since there is SO MUCH that we keep in it. It even fits/blends into our yard quit nicely. The only thing I've noticed that is wrong with this is that over the years, it has gotten a little... well... old. Its starting to bend and stick open, but that doesn't distract from how helpful it is. We have had it for a little over 10 years, so that is understandable. I would have to say this is a very good short term storage device.

Derby, KS


Rubbermaid Shed works great


I got this shed to use by my garden. My garden is on the other side of my house from my garage, so I had to keep walking around to get my garden supplies. This is sturdy and has stood up to the strongest windstorms we've had. I keep all my metal gardening tools, extra seeds, extra soil, birdseed and twine in this shed and I haven't had any issue with extra moisture getting in, and the mice haven't figured out how to break in either. I also keep my gardening hat and gloves in here and they haven't gotten mildewy either. This shed is very easy to clean, I have used soapy water and a rag to clean it out and it came out great! It is also very light. I am under five foot four and I can lift and move this with out an problem. It is a little bulky, but not at all heavy. It is also very easy to dissassemble and re assemble without tools. I was able to break it down and re build it in half an hour.

Rochester, NH


Rubbermaid shed perfect for small spaces


We live in a small townhouse in an urban area. Our backyard is quite small, but we do have some grass to mow so we needed a place to keep our small push mower. We were worried we'd have to get a larger shed that would take up most of our yard, but then we found this vertical shed and it's perfect! The shed fits in a small corner of our yard, very out of the way. I wouldn't exactly call it beautiful, but the coloring is attractive enough and it doesn't stick out in an obnoxious way. The door closes securely. We don't need to lock it because we have a fence around our yard already but it does provide the option of using a lock to keep it secure. I wish there were more ways to hang items inside though. Some built in hooks or even just loops where you could add your own hooks would be great so we could keep more garden tools or toys in there. I think we may try to drill through the plastic ourselves and add in some hooks, though it won't really look attractive. But if you have a small space and need a storage shed, this one is a great choice.

Evanston, IL


small enough yet big enough


We bought the Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Unit last summer and just love it. We located it just outside the 6x8 fence that comes off the back of the house. It backs up against this fence. My husband leveled the ground and put bricks around the opening. The unit was very easy to put together. Kind of like lock blocks. Each piece just jammed into place with a rubber mallet. There is a place for a shelf up top so you can store small items. The space below was absolutely perfect to house our snowblower for the summer and in the winter our lawn mower and 2 patio chairs fit in that space. It was so perfect because we then didn't have to use garage space for those items. The other nice thing is it has a place to put a padlock so your items remain safe. It's also very attractive and just fits into the landscape. We're also pleased with the roof that came with it. It has a slight incline so snow and rain run off of it. We've had no leakage problems whatsoever.

Kalamazoo, MI


A good, small upright cabinet for outdoors.


I use this shed for all the garden stuff I don't want to keep in the garage, such as spare pots, potting soil and chemicals (and that brown macrame plant hanger Mom made back in '78).  I keep mine up on blocks. I don't even remember why I thought it was a good idea, but I did. I remember now- it's plastic.  That means that for all the good job Rubbermaid did, a weed eater will go through it like butter, so I keep it on blocks. It's solid and the door closes securely. The door doesn't, however, close so securely or well that you can get away with particle board shelves for long.  Use solid wood, plywood or chip board.  Overall, I think this might be their best all around unit, and I like the whole product line.

Marietta, GA


Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Shed

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