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Royal Canin
Royal Canin Skin Allergy Care 30 for Cats

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Best Cat Food for Skin Allergies


Our siamese mix cat had bad allergies and used to scratch her chin raw. She would lick her behind until it was bright red and had sores on her face from scratching.  She would get allergy shots frequently but it isn't good for your animal to be given frequent steroids.  Not to mention the difficulty in pilling a cat with allergy meds.  I researched for quite some time on the internet and came up with an idea that quite possibly she was allergic to either the wheat or corn gluten in her food.  Most cat allergies are from these glutens which I am finding out is bad for animals in general.  I found the Royal Canin Skin Care 30 at Petsmart and started her on it immediately.  Within one month her allergies went away and now over 2 years later she hasn't had any shots or pills.  Once in a great while she would get a little irritated but it would go away on its own.  I **HIGHLY** recommend this cat food for any cat who itchs and scratches. *** Your cat will thank you!!!***


Nuevo, CA


Royal Canin Skin Allergy Care 30 for Cats

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