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Feline Greenies Pill Pockets Treats

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Feline Greenies Pill Pockets Treats are like having a vet tech


I'm not sure what I would do without Feline Greenies Pill Pockets Treats when it comes to pilling my one cat. She will not take a pill any other way. A pill pusher doesn't even work for her. Hiding it in her food isn't effective. Crushing it up in Tuna juice is a no go. Nothing and I mean nothing else works. I was very skeptical that Feline Greenies Pill Pockets would work. But I was presently surprised to find that they worked perfectly. She didn't suspect that there was a pill inside. I'm not sure why this product works for her when nothing else does. But I'm not going to question it. I'm beyond happy that I no longer have to fight my cat for hours on end to get her to take a pill. It is a huge relief to me and my cat and I couldn't be happier. It's like having my very own vet tech here to assist me with giving my cat her medications. Just slide the pill inside the pocket of the treat. I squeeze the ends in if possible and offer her the treat. She loves the taste so she never refuses.


Canton, OH


Really helpful


As I am sure most cat owners will attest, giving your cat a pill is not a fun, easy, or eagerly anticipated activity. I am particularly sensitive to this because my cat is over twenty five years old and requires quite a bit of daily medication because of renal failure and other ailments. I was unaware of the existence of the Feline Pill pocket treats before the vet technicians at our animal hospital introduced me to them. They use them when pilling her. I have to say these Feline Pill Pocket Treats are a life saver. I use roughly five of these pockets a day. I, likewise, appreciate that the cost is not too expensive given my extensive need. Because of her age, taste and smell are so important for effectively getting her to eat anything.let alone allowing us to put anything in her mouth that she doesn't find palatable. I appreciate that she finds these both flavorful and a size that are to tolerable She tolerates either flavor.


Sacramento, CA


Summarize this product in one sentence.


I would rate higher than a 10 if possible! Thank God for this product! My fussy, picky cat needed an antibiotic twice a day, for two weeks to clear up his severe mouth infection. Getting the antibiotic to him was impossible - until Pill Pockets. Twice a day, once every 12 hours, my picky cat loved his treats, and the medicine got into his system! They're so easy to use - put the pill in, and pinch the top closed. The one drawback (besides price) is since my cat loves and anticipates them so, he will now have to have them once or twice a day, regardless whether their is a pill inside or not. THere are some things that are worth the cost - and if you need to get any type of pill into a cat - this is one of them.


Miami, FL


Great for Some Cats


I'd like to say that I love these but while I like the idea and they're very easy to use my cats are too smart for them! I tried these when I had to administer a course of antibiotics and I actually ended up going back to the vet's to get liquid instead! My cat would happily eat the treat, then sit for a moment with a frown on his face, and then spit out the pill and walk away! He normally just sucks his treats down with no concern, but I don't know if he recognizes the flavor or what but he KNOWS that these have pills in them. I actually tried to trick him by giving them to him in between doses but that didn't work at all! He would eat the empty treat slowly, testing to see if there was a pill in it! If you have a cat who gobbles down treats without chewing this is ideal! They'll never know the pill has been administered. But if you have a smart little baby like mine you'll just have to go with a liquid. They will know there's a pill! :)


Vernon Rockville, CT


End struggles with fur-babies: Put pills in a pocket


Anyone who has ever tried to give a cat pills will know it is NOT a fun experience. They wiggle and squirm just right, then if you do manage to get it in there, it always seems to come back out. This was the case in our house for sure. This past fall we found our cat with a large tumor in his face and essentially the only cure (outside of surgery) was steroids. A regular regimen of pills for this fur-face was not going to be fun for anyone. Somewhere in searching my husband found the Greenies Pill Pockets for Cats and hoped they would help. A Pill Pocket you say? Yes this is a cat treat, with a hole in the middle. The treat is softer and moldable so you can squish the medicine into the treat and close it up some. His little steroid pill fits in there just right. Greenies Pill Pockets seem to have decent ingredients, similar to any other treat we might give. There are two flavors available - Chicken and Salmon. The Greenies treat seems to mask the pill much better than using cheese or bread as we previously would have done. For the first few months our Furball gobbled down his medicine filled treats with minimal issues. After a while though we had to change up the treats being used as he wouldn't eat the treat anymore. My guess to this is that the other treats were much tastier and he preferred those - and knew there wasn't medicine in the as well. Overall I love the idea of the Greenies Pill Pockets. From our experience I believe they are probably best used for medicine that is short lived instead of a long term item. It seemed our cat got used to it and figured out the medicine was in it so he wouldn't take it anymore.


Lansing, MI


Didn't work for me or my cat.


My mom swears by these for her dogs, but I got a bag to use with my cat that needs meds, and they didn't work at all. He ate the treat and spit out the pill. Then he hid behind the table while I got another one out to try again. That time he didn't even eat the treat. I have tried a few more times in the past few days, and he still wont even eat the treat without the pill.


Russell, KY


Greenies Pill Pockets makes medicine easy for most cats


I had always had problems giving my cat pills when he needed them for what ever was ailing him until the vet gave me some of the Greenies Pill Pockets to try.  this worked great for a long, long time. but then he discovered that he could eat around the pill.  he does the same thing with cheese, a bit of meat, tuna, or whatever else. My other cat, Smokey, would eat them right down, before he passed away.  I thought Wow, how easy is that?  But Puma, my cat that I still have, is smarter than that.  He eats around the pill inside.  If you have a normal cat these are absolutely great.  put the pill inside, pinch the top closed and give it to your cat and watch them eat it right down.  they may seem a bit pricey, but not when you find out how easy it is.  Not having to fight the cat to give a pill is great.  Now if I could just trick Puma into not eating around it.  Luckily I don't have to give medicine very often but if you do, what a blessing these are.  I would deffinate recommend anyone to try these if needed. 


Evansville, IN


Greenies pill pockets let me finally pill Felix!


I am finally able to sneak pills into Felix, and a couple of other smarty-cats I haven't been able to fool before. What a relief! I give him 2 - one with a pill and one without - so he doesn't always have a pill in the treat. I have trouble sometimes mooshing the whole end together due to some pocket crumble.


Jacksonville, FL


Not for every cat, but definitely worth a try!


These things are great!  My cat started on heart medication (he was diagnosed with cardiomyapathy) and these little treats are like playdoe-I put the medicine in and they fold around it.   He LOVES them.  They are actually available in 3 flavors now; Chicken, Salmon & Duck (Duck is new - says for allergy sensitive cats).  My cat loves Salmon food however was not too big on the Salmon pill pockets.  He LOVES the chicken although once in a while starts getting a little more picky so then I change it up and give him the duck for a while and then go back to chicken.  The chicken and duck treats have a normal smell to them (like wet cat food) however I must warn everyone the duck ones STINK!  However my cat loves the taste so I grin and bare it through the smell ;)  The only drawbacks I've found are that 1) they're not for every cat.  My boy cat absolutely loves them and gets "excited" for medicine time, however I also have a girl (himalayan) kitty that refuses to even try them.  2) they are good for small medicines, however there is a large "capsule" medication I also have to give my kitty, and although I can make the pill pocket "fit" around it, my cat isn't fooled and pulls the large capsule out.  Overall though, if you are going to start giving your kitty new medication, or are currently having to shove medications down their throat (like I was) it's DEFINITELY worth the try.  I ended up mixing the one "capsule" medication into wet food by opening it up, and with the pill pockets the heart medications are never a problem now. Also they aren't cheap, however definitely worth the cost.


Concord, CA


My Cat Loves These. Cannot Give Pills ANY Other Way!


I have tried so many other ways just to give my cat a pill.  Might work once but then she gets wise to it and spits the pills out and leaves it on the floor.  So as another resort thought to try the Feline Greenies Pill Pockets (Salmon flavor) to try this and see what happens. Result: pills gobbled up and cat none the wiser so far. She craves these and begs and meows just by me opening the package.  Then she swallows it down with the pill.  So easy, so simple.  Wish I had tried this first and my search for a way to get my cat to take her pills would have been over real soon. Love these (and my cat does more) and would be desperate without them! Bit more expensive but so worth it with less aggravation, fuss and worry that my cat is not getting her medication.


Pompano Beach, FL


Feline Greenies Pill Pockets Treats

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