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As Seen On TV Shed Ender

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Shed Ender works well but doesn't end shedding


The Shed Ender works very well. But it doesn't end shedding. I have a short haired cat that sheds much more than my other cats. I would comb her and brush her and it just never seemed to make a difference. She just kept shedding the same amount. So when I saw the Shed Ender I just had to try it. I was immediately shocked by the amount of fur that this comb removed. It looked like the fur from a whole cat. It was unbelievable. was very impressed with it. I am pleased with this product because I honestly wasn't expecting it to end shedding. It has helped as much as I would expect it could help. It has more than cut shedding in half for my cats. So I'm happy with my purchase. I would certainly recommend this product to any pet owner who is battling shedding. It is a huge help. Nothing will ever end shedding. But this makes enough of a difference to be worth purchasing this product. Grooming is a necessary evil so you might as well help control shedding while you're at it.


Canton, OH


Works so good, no more hair all over!


I saw this on the TV one day and when I saw it at my local market I decided to buy it and try it out even though I was skeptical of how well it would work. I have two cats that are both long haired and they both seem to shed like crazy when the weather starts to change. The hair is hard to clean up after and makes a huge mess all over my house and we end up finding their hair all over all of the furniture. This is really easy to use, it is basically just like a brush but thinner. You just run it over the cat and it pulls out all of the hair that is loose and makes it to where the cat does not shed as much. This drastically reduced the amount of shedding in my cats and made it to where my couch was not covered with cat hair all of the time. I use this about once a week as a part of a normal grooming regimen with my cats and since I have used this they barely shed at all and their hair has grown in thicker and looks better than it ever did before.




Its ok, the Furminator is better


I have this and to use it my hand had to contort to proper use the combing feature. I use the Furmonator which is shape like a "Rake" and it is very effective in removig the hair and dander from my pets. I have 4 dogs and 1 cat and I use the Furminator on all of them year around. It is an easy to hold tool that gives me a better advantage to removing all the loosa hair from my pets and really gets down into the undercoat to lift away all the dead hair and dander.


Chicago, IL


fits comfortably in your hand


I was very excited when I first purchased this product. After bringing it home and removing it from the package I discovered none of my cats would allow me to come close with it. It must not have felt very good because whenever they saw it in my hand they would run. I also tried it on my rabbit and I saw no difference.


Antioch, CA


Definitely a BUY!


For the price, this is a really good product. The much higher priced Furminator does the same job for essential triple the price. Basically if you have an old clipper blade, you could use this instead. Even is the blade is dull it will work just fine. It doesn't cut the fur, it pulls out all the dead hair. Always a good idea to use it outside.


Grand Rapids, MI


Easy to use


I have 2 cats, 2 dogs and a velvet couch.  I hate havng pet hair on my furniture.  I brush my pets a couple of times a week and it saves me from having to really clean my carpets or furniture!  I also found that the clean up was easy all of the hair stayed in the comb making it easy for me to remove. My cast enjoy getting brushed and get excited when I get it out.  My dogs although do not get as excited, still enjoy it very much!


Loveland, CO


The Shed Ender is a wonderful pet comb!


I got my first long haired cat from a shelter six years ago. I bought a fairly cheap pet brush to begin with but it was not effective at all in removing all of his shedding hair on a daily basis. I went out and bought another but I think it was made for large dogs and it really didn't work for my small cat. I heard about the shed ender from a friend that had several cats. It took some looking around but I finally found one at a local store. It has been the best thing! The first time I used it I brushed my cat for about 20 minutes and ended up with a huge pile of excess fur brushed off of him. I use it daily and my cat just loves it. The shed ender does a great job of getting all of that fine, soft underfur. My only complaint is that it indicates that you need to have it facing a certain direction for best use but it's hard to tell which was it's supposed to face. Overall I really like it and my cat does as well. He loves being brushed with it!


Nashville, TN


The ShedEnder Puts an end to Shedding.


I bought this grooming tool when they first came out on the television. I guess that was about three or four years ago.At the time I had three Yorkies.The two younger ones never shed any hair but my older dog was always leaving me hair surprizes to clean up. I couild tell who it was because of the color of their hair. My older dog did not care for the shed ender.He would turn his head around and kind of snap at me when I combed him.He did not actually bite me but I think he was warning me. It did do a good job though if I could manage to comb him.I would get "gobs" and "gobs" of hair from him. So I know it did a really good job and his hair really looked great after a good combing. For some reason the two younger dogs did not mind me using it on them quite as much.They would allow me to comb them with the Shed Ender and I did not get much hair from them. I guess maybe they did not shed as much as the older one. At any rate the hair that I got in the comb mostly stayed in the comb until I pulled it out. I would have a bag handy to put the hair in when I cleaned out the Shed Ender.Their hair always looked a lot better after I used the Shed Ender on them. **Bottem Line: **I would say YES to anyone thinking about buying one of these. If you use it regularly you will not find yourself cleaning pet hair off the furniture or carpet. It really works.


Rocky Mount, NC


The Shed Ender doesn't do much


I have a very fluffy domestic short haired cat who sheds a lot. I love her, but I'm not crazy about orange cat hair all over the place. I saw a commercial for a similar tool (the Furminator, I think) and I thought it looked like the answer to all my cat hair woes. However, when I got to the store, it was SO expensive that I couldn't bring myself to buy it. I saw the much cheaper Shed Ender on the shelf, and it looked similar, so I decided to try it. Well, I guess you get what you pay for, because the Shed Ender hasn't worked well for me. The Shed Ender has a decently padded handle attached to a very short, small comb. When I use it on my cat's short but fluffy hair, I find it very difficult to drag through her coat. And surprisingly little hair is removed by the Shed Ender, possibly because it has such a small combing surface. Really, I can get a lot more hair off of my cat by using an ordinary slicker brush. My cat does not seem to like the feel of the Shed Ender, either, and she won't usually stay still long enough for me to comb her with it for more than a few quick strokes. So basically, the Shed Ender does virtually nothing for me. Maybe some day I'll try the much more expensive Furminator, but for now, I'm just going to use a plain old cat brush.


Mundelein, IL


Yes, this is a good product


I have a Maine Coon cat with a lot of hair as anyone who is familiar with Maine Coons knows. This is a great product for him as it seems to remove a lot of his loose hair and he really likes the feel of it as he arches his back and leans into the tool while I am using it. And it does help to tame his big bushy tail. He is not as fond of having it used on his stomach. Do not fool yourself and think that this will end all of your problems with a long-haired cat and shedding, but it definitely goes a long way to reduce the amount of hair that I find floating around the house and on the furniture. If you have a truly long-haired cat such as a Maine Coon, then I recommend using it regularly (at least once if not twice a week and more often in shedding season) or you will not have much success in cutting down the amount of loose cat hair, both on the cat and around your house. It worked very well for me and I found the price reasonable.


Sacramento, CA


As Seen On TV Shed Ender

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