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Ringer's Solution
Ringer's Solution Subcutaneous Fluids

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Ringer's Solution subcutaneous fluids good for both cats and dog


If you've had animals as long as I have then you're bound to have had at least one need subcutaneous fluids at one point or another in the pet's life. I, unfortunately, have had several. My Irish Wolfhound mix seem to need subcutaneous fluids every time she got sick and had to stay over night at the Veterinarian's office once to have IV fluids. They would take her in the back and give her what they called a "fluid pack" being a longer haired dog and that she would absorb the fluid quickly I never really knew why they called it that. That is until my Shar Pei mix, who has Shar Pei fever, need one when he was having a fever and he came back looking like a camel. My Veterinarian uses the Ringer's Solution because it's not suppose to sting as much when they have to give the subcutaneous fluids. Thankfully I've never had give subcutaneous fluids myself but from what I've heard it's supposed to be pretty easy to do because you aren't injecting the solution into a vein but under the skin to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Veterinarian's give subcutaneous fluids for different reasons; to keep the animal from getting dehydrated or to help flush waste from the kidneys, a lot of times animals get fluids is because of Kidney problems. All my animals that have had to get Ringer's Solutions subcutaneous fluids are noticeable better within a couple of hours, they weren't completely better but you could tell that they were feeling better. These fluids do what they are supposed to and help keep your pet's hydrated.


Erie, PA


Subcutaneous fluids saved my cat's life


My 10 year old cat has always been relatively healthy. About 10 months ago, he became critically ill and refused to eat or drink anyting for over 4 days. The vet finally decided that he needed to be kept overnight with IV fluids to try and rehydrate him. He spent a full week at the vet's office without eating anything before the vet suggested that we get an ulatrasound to determine the source of his illness. We were sent to a specialist that performed an ultrasound on him and found out that he suffered from acute Kidney failure. He was sent home the following day and we were instructed to give him Subcutaneous fluids daily. Since then, we've been able to cut back to three treatments per week. The fluids have helped him maintain normal BUN and Creatinine blood levels. The fluids are relatviely easy to administer at home. After spending a small fortune on fluids from the specialty vet, I would suggest purchasing fluids online with a prescription for a reasonable price.


Frisco, TX


Best Solution for cats


    Ringer's solution is the best one to use for dehydrated cats, in my opinion. There are other solutions out there, but they usually sting when giving them. Ringers solution does not. It has added vitamins for your cat, such as potassium, and calcium that helps to replace these vitamins that get lost due to dehydration, excessive urination, vomiting. When your cat is dehydrated they need re-hydration quick, and Ringer's Solution will do that. Once you give your cat this solution, within a short time, you will see a huge difference in your cat's attitude. They usually bounce right back after the solution is absorbed into their system. It's a great solution for cats that have Chronic Renal Failure, or Pancreatitis, as these are a few of the usual illnesses that cause your cat to become dehydrated. I personally have tried just Saline Solution, that is a nightmare, as it burns going in. Ringer's Solution does not. I don't know about having to keep it refrigerated, as I have never done this, but I do warm the solution in warm water before giving it. It makes the whole process easier. I definitely stand behind this solution and recommend it highly.  


Wolcott, NY


Ringer's Solution is vital for dehydrated pets.


I have a cat who has lost some weight, become somewhat lethargic, developed diarrhea, and who simply just doesn't look like herself.  I took her to the vet as I was afraid that she had developed diabetes or such, but everything came back okay except for dehydration.  The vet dewormed her again, gave her fluids, and then sent me home with the rest of the bag of *Ringer's Solution* to give to her every other day (in conjunction with anti-parasite and anti-diarrhea tablets).  Our goal was to get my gorgeous black longhaired girl back to feeling better and acting normally. This is a prescription-only product, so you will need to have your vet write a prescription or two to keep on hand in addition to the one that he will write for the immediate situation.  Basically, *Ringer's Solution *contains a bag of fluids with balanced electrolytes that you can either connect to an intravenous connection or a subcutaneous position.   Bottom line is that this *Lactated Ringer's Solution* is what your vet is going to administer to your sick cat, dog, or parrot. I've been using this bag of *Ringer's Solution* with my gorgeous black long-haired cat every other day for the past week.  It has kept her feeling well and I've noticed a major improvement in her fur condition and overall activity.  Is she completely healthy today? No.  Have the subcutaneous adminstrations of *Ringer's Solution* kept her feeling good and active? Yes. While we still have more diagnostic work to figure out what is going on with my gorgeous girl, I still have to endorse it as a wonderful way to keep cats and even dogs hydrated.  Recommended!  


New Jersey, NJ


Ringer's Solution Subcutaneous Fluids

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