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Rimmel London
Rimmel London Volume Boost Liquid Lip Color - All Shades

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My favorite gloss ever!


Rimmel London has the best cosmetic line I have yet to find at Wal Mart. I use to use high end department store cosmetics from my local Herberger's, but since I have found the Rimmel London line I have become a devot user of their products. This volume boost lip colour gloss is my favorite product made by Rimmel London. I have 8 different colours.  Color number one sixty, shade name innocent, is my favorite. Its light, goes on virtually clear with a hint of pink. It has sparkles that are so small that your lips just shimmer and glow. It feels like there is nothing on your lips and that is a major factor in lip gloss for me. I hate it when the gloss feels heavy or tacky when applied. Its only down fall is that it needs to be applied a little more often then others, but I think thats just because it doesn't have all those dyes in it that stain your lips funky colors. Once you wipe it off or it wears off, the color is gone. No ruby red stained lips for me!

Rice, MN


I love it!


Aha, I love this lipgloss. Rimmel London provided a brush applicator, not a sponge. Woo! Its much more easy to get a clean finish with this lipgloss. Its long lasting, with just the right amount of shimmer and shine. With other lipglosses, I found that either it was too matte, or too shiny. This is right inbetween with a wide range of colors. I use lipglosses alot, and found out that this ran out really quickly. I don't really blame the product though. Overall a great product! I highly reccommend it. Ladies, the perfect gloss. ( oh did I mention, it moisturizes finely as well )



Rimmel London Volume Boost Liquid Lip Color - All Shades

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