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Rimmel London
Rimmel London Metallic Eye Gloss

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Gloss for your eyes!


I bought the Rimmel London Metallic Eye Gloss for my daughter and she wanted to play dress up with me and so I let her apply some on me. I was actually surprised to find out how much I actually ended up liking this product. There are directions on the back of the product and you are supposed to apply this eye gloss with your fingers. I tried using applicators but they did not really do justice to the product so I stuck with my fingers. You simply swipe the product on your eyes and are finished. The color I have is "Chelsea' which is a shimmery baby blue that I love. I have used this product in addition with many of my eye shadows. If you put this product on first and then put on some loose shadow on top of it, the eye gloss really holds on to the loose eye shadow. Surprisely the baby blue eye gloss goes on almost clear if you put on a little bit. If you put on more the blue is more noticeable.

Alexandria, VA


Rimmel London Metallic Eye Gloss

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