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Bare Escentuals
Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Prime Time Eyelid Primer

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Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Prime Time Eyelid Primer is just OK


I use Bare Escentuals eye shadow everyday. I was hoping their eyelid primer would be a good match. But I wasn't satisfied with the the coverage. It was a little too translucent for me. Also, trying it I went through two tubes. I thought I was using too much at first. But after I went through the second tube that fast I realized the mechanism wasn't effective. I think there was too much waste trying to get the product out. I would twist and twist and then finally primer would come out but then I had more than I needed. For the price, I don't think there was enough product. I started using Urban Decay primer and I like it much better. Also, the wand on the Urban Decay is easier and less messy in my opinion.

Raleigh, NC


This product is great!


I was tired of my eyeliner and eyeshadow soaking into my eyelids and disappearing within a couple of hours so I tried BE's eyelid primer. It worked great! It went on easily and smoothly and didn't feel heavy or cakey. After 12 hours my eyeshadow was still visible...a first for me! This product is going to be a long time staple in my makeup case.

Smithtown, NY


Bare Excentuals Eyelid Primer outshines the rest!


**Bare Escentuals Prime Time Eyelid Primer** is hands-down the *best* primer available right now. I have tried many different products, but I keep coming back to this one. When you first open the package, twist the dial a few times to get the primer to come out of the applicator. I do not apply the primer on my eyelids from the applicator. Instead, I dab my index finger on it, mix the primer onto my other index finger and apply the product onto my eyelid. Not that there's anything wrong with the applicator, I just prefer to use my fingers. You have to let the primer dry on your eyelids for a few moments before you apply any eyeshadow or eyeliner. I notice my eyeshadow does not crease at all anymore when having used the primer! I used to have my eyeshadow crease by noon, but not anymore. My makeup stays on all day and looks fresh. This helps me save time, now I don't have to run to the bathroom to wipe off what I had applied only a few hours before. Overall, the product is a tad expensive, but very much worth the cost. It is the best eyelid primer in the market!

Villa Rica, GA


Thick and creamy!


I have tried a few different eye primers, but so far this is my favorite one.  The Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Prime Time Eyelid primer is well worth a try!   The primer goes on very smooth and feels like it leaves a decent thick layer to adhere your shadow to your eyes.  It is the color of concealer which saves me a step of having to put concealer on my lids as well.  The formula dries pretty quickly and blends into your skin.   Once you put the eye shadow/liner/etc on top of it, the shadows really pop and show true to their color.  Also, now that I have been using this primer, I have yet to get any creasing in my shadows, no matter what brand of shadow I use.  The shadow tends to stay on all day, or at the very least, stay brighter much longer than if I didn't use it. The tube does not contain much, but a little goes a long way, so it will last a decent amount of time.  It is expensive at full price, but I hardly buy anything at full price :)  If you can find this on sale, stock up because it is a great product to use everyday!

Bozeman, MT


For lasting eye makeup coverage get Bare Escentuals Prime Time


Bare Escentuals Prime Time is fantastic.  I was introduced to it when I visited my local Bare Escentuals store.  When applied on the eye lid prior to the application of eye shadow or liner, Bare Escentuals Prime Time works as a time lengthener for eye makeup.  Though the tube looks small, a little goes a long way.  Mine has lasted for nearly 6 months and I use it at least 3 days per week. Though advertised primarily as an eye lid makeup primer, I was shown another use for it in the brow area.  For people with sparse or light colored brows the Bare Escentuals Prime Time assists in making brow color stay longer.  I apply it directly to my brow area and then using the angled brow brush and the powder  brow color, I simply outline my brow area.  I have found that my brow color does not come off, even overnight. Using the Prime Time prior to color application makes the color last longer but can intensify the color depending on how much color along with the Prime time you use.   My mother got this because as someone who really over plucked her brows, along with some of them going gray or white she needed a product that would allow her brow color to stay.  Bare Escentuals Prime Time has been the perfect product for her and myself.   

Tacoma, WA


Prime Time Eyelid Primer is an absolute must!


I absolutely LOVE this product!!!  It is the best way to keep your eyeshadow looking flawless all day, night and even overnight!  I use this every single time I wear eyeshadow regardless of how long I plan on wearing it because not only does it keep your eyeshadow in place, but it makes application easier and your eye makeup look amazing.  I admit, it takes extra time to get your eyeshadow off, but it really is worth it.  I have fallen asleep with my makeup on, woke up the next morning and had rubbed off all my makeup except my eyeliner and eyeshadow (which was nice considering I was on a weekend getaway with my husband and it was nice to look good without having to put up any effort first thing in the morning)...it's awesome!  A little note about the applicator, it is much easier to apply the primer with your clean fingertips than it is to use the applicator which can make blending a little difficult.  If you have ever been in a B.E. boutique, they will teach you to put it on this way.

Saint Louis, MO


Works in the summer!


Love love love it. This product keeps my shadow in place until I take it off, even in NYC in the summer. That's saying a lot. I always would get to the end of the day and all my shadow would be in the crease. I apply it with a brush, give it a minute to set, and then put my shadow on.

Brooklyn, NY


Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Prime Time Eyelid Primer

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