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Revlon Custom Effects Lowlights

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Low Lights are the New Highlights by Revlon


Revlon Custom Effects offers two hair highlighting type products, Low Lights and High Lights.  Highlights are just that, to give medium to light blonde, or light brown hair blonde tones or highlights. Low lights are designed to give dark colored hair darker tones and texture, or lighter colored hair darkening contrasts.  Low lights have become popular as more celebrities add color to their hair and many teenage girls have decided to copy these styles. In my case a blonde haired teenage daughter wanted dark brown or reddish colored low lights placed in her hair, to be similar to of course, Hannah Montana's blonde locks with brown contrasts.  Because she is a teenager, we wanted to try at home, to make sure she liked it before spending a lot of money on a hair color she may hate before we ever walk out the salon's door. The lowlight colors are offered in three tones, Toffee, Cinnamon and Chocolate.  We went with Toffee on the recommendation of our stylist friend.  The low light kit includes directions, gloves, colorant crème, developer, Smart Toner, Finishing Conditioner, and Precision Applicator.  After donning gloves and putting on clothes we cared nothing about we began the mixing process.  The instructions were easy to follow and the color was ready within minutes.  Next you use the color bottle, squeezing color into the "precision applicator."  The applicator is like a toothbrush; with the center bristles removed forming a small holder for the colorant.  Depending on what where you want your lowlights placed, determines how you will use your applicator. We desired a more chunked effect, so after filling the applicator applied it root to tip in divided sections beginning in the back and then alternating from side to side of the head. The color bottle was easy to "pour" from and the applicator held the colorant well, so at this point we still had no mess and no drips. After waiting 25 minutes, we rinsed until the hair rinsed clear and shampooed her hair with the Smart Toner, designed to eliminate brassiness or "green" tones to the blonde highlights.  The instructions require you to leave it in for two minutes after you work your hair into a lather.  Then you apply the Finishing Conditioner, also leaving it in the hair for two minutes before rinsing.  ***My Viewpoint***: Revlon Custom Effects with Low Lights was easy to use. The colorant was easy to apply and the applicator quite effective.  It did not smell bad when we applied the low lights colorant to her hair, like many other hair colors.  The Smart Toner had a rather bad aroma, but it did go on easily, didn't drip after lathering and waiting two minutes and it did keep the lowlights from having an undesirable brassy color.  The conditioner is very nice, smooth to the touch, pleasant aroma and it did provide enough contents for two conditionings, one after the first coloring and one treatment a week later.  Overall, I would recommend anyone wanting to try lowlights in their hair to use this product.  My daughter's only complaint was that they lowlights were not "chunky" enough, however that could be due to the application, not the product itself.  The color wears well, and appears to be able to last for a little more than the 6-8 weeks stated; however, this could vary depending on your hair type. If you want some darker tones to your hair color; this is an excellent alternative to an expensive salon. If I could give a 4.5, I would.

Houston, TX


Revlon Custom Effects Lowlights

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