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RELIEF!! The only pill that works to free me of migraine pain!


Starting in my mid-30's I began to suffer from migraines. I had headaches for a number of years but I could take excedrin and they would go away. But as my age progressed...the headaches turned in to full-blown migraines. If you are reading this review, you probably know the unbearable pain of a migraine! For me, I feel nausea, my vision blurs and my pain radiates in my head around my temples. It's always on one side or the other and switches sides, unpredictable. I have tried a whole host of medications. A number of the triptan type medicines just didn't really give me full relief. So many people have had such great success with Imitrex. However, for me, Imitrex just didn't give me full relief. I would describe it as putting a "blanket" over the pain. It did dull the pain but I still felt it back there. The same for Zomig and Frova. Finally, a friend recommended Relpax. I was unsure that it would be any different but I had nothing to lose. I got the prescription from my doctor and went home and waited for my first migraine. I didn't have to wait long. I took the Relpax as soon as felt the onset of pain. And...RELIEF!! This is the first time that a medicine made all of the pain go away!! Hallelujah!! I highly recommend this pill to anyone who may not of had success with other triptans. This is very expensive medication but worth it as I feel like I can function again. Also, I recommend that you take it as soon as you feel the onset of the migraine otherwise it is not as effective.




Finally something that helps.


I have been a migraine sufferer for decades. I have tried a multitude of remedies. From diet changes, to aspirin, to tylenol, imitrex, zomig, alleve... and so on and on. Each one has some redeeming qualities,and draw-backs. But none of them stopped my migraine headaches entirely. And the drawbacks are usually not worth their good attributes. Aspirin irritates my stomach, tylenol does not help my compromised liver. Imitrex was darn expensive and did not stop the headache. Zomig would ease my headaches, but not stop them. I was at my wit's end. Finally, along came Relpax. I was of course, doubtful. Nothing had worked so far. I truly lost faith in the pharmacutical community. They had failed me at every tun so far. But I gave Relpax a try. And Boy am I glad I did. Right out of the gate, I found some relief and some hope. But, I still have not found total relief. One pill does help tame it better than any of the other options. But it still does not make it go away. As per doctor's orders, I have taken 2. This really does take the headaches down to nothing. Although not gone, Relpax does allow me to function. For that I am grateful and can recommend this med. The only bad thing, like Imitrex, this is oh so expensive. It is so unfair to make medications so pricey for people who need them.


Spokane, WA


migraine pain for me relpax takes the lead


For all you migraine headache people out there, i think you will agree that this is the worse kind of headache there is. Now i have had them since i was a teenager, and i guess it runs in the family because my Dad is still getting them. But now there is a good medication that works for me and that is relpax. Now this drug has not been out there too many years so i have tried many other medications for my headaches. Before any of these migraine medications came out there was not much you could do for it but go to bed and try to sleep it off and that always does not work. so when they got so bad i was put on pain medication and that  worked for awhile until i got use to it then it didn't want to work anymore so then tried another kind and that too helped for awhile but you could hardly go to work when i was like that. Then i tried other migraine medications which did not work to good, that is until relpax came out on the market. and when i started taking it i could really tell right away that it was a good drug. if i had a headache i would say 80 percent of the time 1 tablet would get rid of the headache. so it has been a good medication for me, but i am not saying that this is for everyone so please ask your doctor. And for those who need a switch see if you are able to take it. so i hope this helps with you migraine headache people out there.


Warroad, MN


a lifesaver!!


Suffering from migraines for over 15 years, I had given up hope for help. I would go into my doctor to come out with the same old thing....there really isn't anything we can do. Well that all stopped when my current nurse practioner wrote me a rx for relpax. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. Relpax is a miracle when it comes to migraines. I had such bad migraines that I would vomit and have to be in bed for a day or two. I could count on them once a month. Relpax has stopped that. I take one pill when I notice the signs of a migraine and usually within a few minutes (sometimes up to a half an hour) the symptoms disappear. I can go about my normal day doing my normal activities. My rx is for 12 tablets and it usually lasts me for 3 months. I would say I depend on relpax for relief. I don't have any side effects either and usually I only need to take one a day (usually 2 a migraine cycle) which knocks it out.


Sammamish, WA


Relpax takes away my migraine with no rebound later in the day.


I have suffered from migraines for many years, and been on several different medications for them.  I was on Imitrex for quite a bit of that time, and then it started not working for me.  I would get "rebound" headaches a few hours or later in the day after I took the medication.  At that time I was still working as a nurse, so this was not something that was good for me, so my neurologist started me on Relpax.  It is the same type of medicine as Imitrex, but works better for me.  It maybe takes a little bit longer to start working (maybe anywhere from 30min.-1 hour, depending on how soon I take one when I feel the headache coming on), but the headaches do not come back, so to me that is better.  And, I do not feel any chest pain or tightness like I usually did with Imitrex.  So, for me, Relpax has been a much better choice to help when I get a migraine. 


Mc Dermott, OH



4.8 5