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works great


My husband became disabled in 1999.  One part of his problem was that he was having migraine headaches.  He was tried on some medications to help prevent the migraines.  They helped a lot and he didn't get them as frequently but he still got them.  One day our family doctor gave him samples of 3 or 4 medicines for migraines and told him to try them and let him know which one worked the best and he would give him a regular prescription for it to keep on hand.  After trying the others, which helped a lot but did not totally elliminate the pain, he tried the zomig.  It worked so much better, and fairly quickly.  For a while afterward he would say the migraine was gone but it felt like it could come back at any time.  Even then, he and I were very impressed with zomig's effectiveness.  After a while he was diagnosed with a seizure disorder and since he has been on treatment for the seizures, he has not needed the zomig in quite a while. 

Baton Rouge, LA


Works within 2 hours, but you need to sleep during those 2 hrs.


I like using the Zomig at the onset of a migraine.  If I don't take a nap with the Zomig it can make you feel very shaky, you start sweating, and get nauseous.  After about an hour or two, the pain is gone.  You may feel a little groggy afterwards, but the migraine is gone.

Blairstown, NJ


Very expensive and very effective Zomig


I started to takethis medicine when my doctor suggested it , he did give sample at first , I would say this medication very strong at first , it has side effects though that I don't liek which is being dizzy and sleepy  aside fromt that i feel wierd , al I want to do is laydown. And here is the upside of the Zomig  5mg  it works so fast but my headach stblish already I have to take a second one after two hours or so just to finish the job on treating me. But when I take this one when my migraine just started it works in a heartbet. One thing I would reccommend on this one is to get that 2.5 mg atleast it is much cheaper and the side effects it  is not terribly bad  and still works as the other one. I can feel numbness also when I take this one but nothing to worry about is just few minutes  that's it. Zomig very powerful drug that would defeat my or anybody's headache , And this one is the brandname which is more better , no generic for this.

Plains, MT



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