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Shampoo for Men
Redken Mint Clean Shampoo for Men

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My husband LOVES Redken Mint Clean for Men Shampoo!


**Redken For MenMint Clean Shampoo** Did you know that *Redken* has a line of hair products designated for men only?  I didn't either!  Until my husband came home with a few different samples of products from his hairstylist.  One of the trial packets that he received was **Redken For Men Mint Clean Shampoo.  ** **Redken For Men Mint Clean Shampoo **uses Mint Fused Technology to provide an invigorating shampoo with protein and peppermint.  *Redken *advertises that the **Mint Clean Shampoo** will remove build up on hair and scalp.  When using cheaper shampoo and conditioners, the product will tend to build up after time leaving hair to look greasy and weighted down.   **Mint Clean Shampoo by Redken** will not leave any residue and removes buildup left behind by other shampoos or hair products! After using many of the trial packs of different products, my husband came out of the shower one day and said that he loved "this one" and tossed it at me.  "This one" was **Redken For Men Mint Clean Shampoo**.  He said his scalp was tingling and his hair felt super clean and smelled great!  After taking a whiff and running my fingers through his hair, I had to agree.  His hair was soft and smelled great!    He ran back up to the salon and bought his very own bottle of **Redken For Men Mint Clean Shampoo**. **Redken For Men Mint Clean Shampoo**: - For MEN! - Removes buildup - Smells great! - Leaves scalp tingly and clean feeling - Only takes one application to work, no repeat Most men don't like to make a fuss over their hair or take a long time to get it clean.  **Redken For Men Mint Clean Shampoo** only needs to be applied once, lathered and rinsed.  No repeat necessary! For those guys who have longer hair and need conditioning, try *Redken For Men  Cool Finish Conditioner.  *Does he have dandruff? Try *Redken For Men Chill Blast*, leave-in dandruff treatment. Want to make yor man feel a little special?  Does his hair look greasy and weighted down?  Try **Redken For Men Mint Clean Shampoo**, help him look great and make his scalp tingle!  


Detroit, MI


Redken Mint Clean Shampoo for Men

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