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Redken Iron Silk 07, Ultra Straightening Spray, 8.5oz.

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I use this daily


Ok, lets face it girls with curly hair, most of us love to straighten it! And honestly, 95% of products won't fix your split ends ok. But you have to at least try so that is why I use this stuff! I spray on a good amount (all over and then directly at the ends) and then I brush it through then dry it. Sometimes in the morning I'll just spray it on and then straighten it, it depends. Anyways I really love this product! My hair naturally gets split ends once it gets to a certain length, but I have noticed that this product has helped it at least stay better longer. And I also noticed that I have less fly aways sticking out of my head. I have naturally curly hair, it curls with the tiniest bit of sweat and it's FRIZZY! This stuff has really helped the frizz calm down too which is a nice plus! I am going to continue using in my daily routine. Everyones hair is different but this is worth a shot!

Saint Joseph, IL


Not too impressed with the Redken Iron Silk 07


I have naturally curly hair and I've been straightening my hair a lot more, recently. In fact, pretty much everyday I use some sort of heat tool on my hair (whether it be an ionic hair dryer, a curling iron, or a flat iron). I noticed my hair was starting to get pretty bad at the ends, so I went to a salon to ask them what they'd recommend. I told them that I often wear my hair curly so I diffuse it, and that I didn't know if a cream would evenly get all the strands without taking out all my curls. They agreed and recommended this spray (Redken Iron Silk 07). They said I'd only need a few spritzes of it and it should be fine, and that if I straighten my hair, I should spray this on dry hair pre-straightening and then brush it through to get everything evenly. Well. I've been doing that, and I am NOT pleased with the results. My hair just ends up feeling REALLY stiff and I still feel like whole parts of my hair are left unprotected from the heat! Won't buy this one again.

Idaho Falls, ID


Redken Iron Silk 07, Ultra Straightening Spray, 8.5oz.

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