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Biolage Matrix Ultra Hydrating Balm

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Worth the money


My hair was in pretty poor condition when I started using Biolage Ultra Hydrating Balm. After a few weeks my hair was lovely and healthy once again. So I am very pleased with it and have not looked back since. This conditioner is very thick (I have a big pot rather than the tube pictured above). It has a very mild, planty smell. I think it smells very fresh and clean. It is perfect for either sex (my husband uses it too). Even though I have quite long hair (lower back) I do not need much of this conditioner because it is so good. I work it into my hair and let it sit for a few minutes. It rinses out quite easily. My hair feels much softer and silkier since switching to the Biolage balm. It has fewer split ends and has a lovely, soft feel. The only drawback to this product is that it can be a bit expensive and rarely goes on sale. However, it is well worth the money. I only wish I had though to buy it sooner.


San Antonio, TX


Well worth the extra money... hair takes a long time to grow


Having very long hair it is etremely hard to take care of. If any of you know, you will pay almost anything to find the "ideal" product. I have had many half bottles of shampoo and conditioner that I have pawned off on my family and friends over the years. I discovered this product about 6 months ago when a friend of mine told me about it. I will never use anything else now. My hair is in the best shape it has ever been in and seems to be growing a little quicker also. My hair is starting to turn grey and grey hair is very coarse and hard to keep looking nice, this has done the job! I don't even want to color my hair anymore.


Fowlerville, MI




These conditioners are well worth the money.All natural product with lasting benefits.Matrix isA well respected name that you can count on.This is ultra hydrating which is for hair that lacks extreme moisture.Keep in mind that dryness can only be restored if you are taking appropriate and pro active moves to stop doing mean things to your hair.DON"T OVERPROCESS WITH CHEMICALS OR HEAT!!!!!If your hair is falling out you may need other products as well.This is moisturizer not a protein treatment.AWESOME PRODUCT!!!!!A+++++++


Baltimore, MD


Smells great leaves hair healthy and shiny


Started using this again after many years due to my stylist recommendation. I was looking for something to help dry, frizzy hair. and this product is a great help. It smells like you have just left the salon, I love it. and it performs beautifully. I saw a major difference with only a few shampoos. Hair looks and feels more healthy, shiny and soft. The cost is bit more but I would say definately worth the extra cost.


Davenport, FL


Biolage Ultra Hydrating Balm


This conditioner is amazing, I have dyed hair that is prone to breaking, This conditioned my hair back to the point that my hair stylist commented on how much heathier it looked from the prior appointment. I use it more as a mask than as a conditioner. I leave it on my hair for 15-20minutes every two weeks and it works great!


Goleta, CA


Conditioner that works miracles


I have used this product for years and nothing compares to it. When friends have overprocessed or overcolored their hair, I have always poured them a sample of this conditioner up and let them try it. I can say that everyone that I gave it to wound up being a customer. For instance, you can fry your hair with a perm and this will help restore it texture of the hair in about 10 days by using every 2-3 days. It is worth every penny of its price.


Friendsville, TN


Biolage Matrix is ok


I am usually a huge fan of Biolage products even though they are higher priced than most. BUT I was somewhat dissappointed with this product is because I didn't think it was worth the money.I didn't think it was really all that spectacular. I have really curly/frizzy hair so I love extra hydrating products and have used the John Frieda in the past but was willing to try Biolage... I didn't think it could really compare and it was more expensive. BUT to each their own. It does smell great and has a nice texture. My hair did feel soft after using it as well. Unfortunately I didn't think my hair felt that softer after I dried it which is what I wanted. But like I said, I have REALLY coarse hair and it takes a strong product to make it soft!


Kankakee, IL


What a find! Biolage Matrix Ultra Hydrating Balm


I accidentally discovered this product at a friend's home, when I spent the weekend, and forgot my moisturizer. She uses it and so I tried it and came home and threw out all my moisurizers and went out and bought three bottles of this. It is fantastic!!! I have never, never used a moisturizer like this before. It's not greasy, feels wonderful, doesn't make your hair feel droopy. I have given it as gifts to friends and family and they all love it and ask for more for their birthdays and Christmases...great product Biolage!! Thank you, thank you!!!!


Owensboro, KY


Biolage Hydrating Conditioning Balm is great


Biolage Hydrating Conditioning Balm is great, and I am not just writing that here either. It simply is the best after-bath body lotion. After a nice, hot, realizing, bubbly bath, try using this lotion afterwards. Believe me, it's the best lotion that one can get for that occasion. Be sure to apply it liberally within three minutes of getting out of the shower or bath so that it locks in the moisture to your skin. That is important. My daughter likes to use this as well. Once I did my husband's entire body in it--don't ask me why--and the next day he said he'd never let me do that again because hsi skin was so smooth. LOL. Ok, you forced my hand. I'll tell you why I did it. My husband works construction and his skin is awful. I convinced him to let me soothe his skin with the lotion. I did that and had fun doing it. He said I could do it again when he was off from work sometime. i don't know why he was so paranoid because the lotion did help him and really made his skin look great. And, it was still manly.


Shelby, NC


Something your hair will love by Biolage


Biolage has blown me away yet again with their amazing hydrating balm. I just love how soft and healthy my hair looks and lasts all day, especially by the time my hubby gets home. I don't even look like a stay at home mom!


Mountain Home, ID


Biolage Matrix Ultra Hydrating Balm

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