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Redken Hardwear 16 Super Strong Gel

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This gel controls me curls!


I have thick curly hair and this is one of the first gels that has really controlled my hair enough that I can wear it loose. I like the product and the hold it provides, but I don't really like how stiff my hair looks all the time. I let m hair air dry, so it also looks shiny all the time. I will continue to use the product because it works so great, but I would love a softer look!

Downers Grove, IL


Gel is Gel!


I've been using Halo medium hold gel for a while but they went out of business or something, so had to look for a replacement. It is a lot thicker than the Halo, which is ok. Better than being watery. A little water in the hair helps get this stuff applied. I didn't really have to dry it afterwards since it held the original style pretty well due to its thickness. The hair gets very hard afterwards. ( duh, it's "super strong gel" ) One thing I didn't like about the gel is that it gets flakey when it gets "messed up" after it's hardened. The Halo gel didn't really leave those white particles behind. Well, gel is gel, and this one is nothing special. It gets the job done though, so no complaints!

San Francisco, CA


Just average


It's from a great brand but probably not their best product. The gel keeps the hair in place but it's thick and noticeable. The hair is also hard after applying the gel. It's not a product I would recommend, but hey, it works!

Brooklyn, NY


Redken Hardwear 16 Super Strong Gel

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