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Razor Spark Scooter

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Great product for the kid who tears things up easily


These Razor scooters in general are built well for the destructive kid in mind. I purchased one of these spark scooters for my 8 year old son and he absolutely loves it. Time and time again I have witnessed him putting it through the grinder riding it into the ground and it keeps on taking the beating but holds up well. The only issue that I have come across with this scooter is that the wheels are small and when you happen to come across smaller rocks it will send you tumbling head over heels. Other than that this is a great product that I love and will continue to purchase these for my kids as I have them. Even as an adult I ride my sons scooter and challenge him to races. It has held up well to his tricks and spills over the last two years he has had this scooter and I wouldn't buy another brand if this one happens to break down sometime soon. The sparks on the rear of this particular model make it an attractive addition for kids who love to feel cool and be amazed. Definitely a great product!



Razor Spark Scooter

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